Friday, January 7, 2005


Well this morning so far, my legs are still feeling as if I have rusty metal inside, instead of bones. My left leg is really "dragging" behind me. I don't understand this. Everything I've read about fibromyalgia, it doesn't say anything about this. Plus, I do not have arthritis. Thankful that I have my walker to help me walk. My back is hurting as well this morning. I'm also thankful that our city didn't get the bad weather that most other cities got over the past few days. Whew! They don't have power. The city that my mom lives in, had an ice storm, and she doesn't have power. I called her last night, after I found out, to see if she was alright. I asked if she would like to come here, but she has gas heat, so she's ok. :o) That was really good to hear. :o) Today, my daughter is 5 months pregnant! YAY! I took the photo above this week. :o) I also want to thank all the positive feed back that I've received from my last two entries. :o) Gentle hugs to you all. :o)


shelt28 said...

I am sorry you don't feel well today. I get the dragging foot and buckling knees thing too. With me it generally means I have over done. I just have to rest and it usually gets better.

Take care and feel better soon.


seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you. :o) Yes....I know I've probably overdone myself. It's still so hard to figure out what you can and can't do at times. :o) One of these days...I'll learn! lol :o)