Saturday, January 8, 2005


Yesterday was the same thing. Nothing any different then usual. Just a different day. I'm still having the same problems with my hips and legs. This morning, my back is hurting again. Nothing unusual.

My husband has finally gotten most of the water out of our basement. Whew! This weather has been sucking! I woke up this morning to find about a half an inch of more snow on the ground. At least it wasn't any more rain! Our basement would really be in trouble. :o( I'm hoping that we will be able to do some laundry today. Oh well. You can't stop the weather. :o) My mom has electricity now. I'm glad. At least she didn't have it as bad as most of the people in this area. They are still without power, and will be without it for another week! I'm thankful that we didn't get that ice storm, just the rain. Better to have water in the basement then being without power.

I'm going to end this my hands are starting to cramp up once again! Geesh!

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