Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Doctor's visit.

First of all...I had everything wrote down, so I wouldn't forget anything...and I didn't. :o) I will get my physical therapist back! YAY! I'm very happy about that! But...he still says I need to go to the Cleveland Clinic. I am not finacially able to. I let him know this! I asked him to give me tests, even repeats of the ones that I've already had...I'd go through the pain again...but no. :o( More waiting on my part. Until someone in my family hits the lottery, or inherates a lot of money! I live in the south western part of this state, and the Clevend Clinic is at the other end. Oh well. It's not possible to drive up there for a doctor visit, then turn around and come back...but he thinks it can be done. Nope. But he did, however, write out a form for me to go to our hospital for some lab work. Plus, I have to have a CT, and an EEG ran on me. Thats because I do have a seizure disorder, and he put me on Welbutrin XL!!! It can cause seizures. He also put me back on Elavil!!! ggguuurrrr!!!! Not at all happy about that one! The two combined are suppose to raise my pain threshold! Yea right! It didn't before! But, the one good thing is, I take them both at night. That way I won't have the side affects as bad. Not too long after I took my meds. last night...I was knocked out! I did sleep. I probably could have slept on the pavement out side! I was that sleepy and drowsy! I'm not complaining....at least I finally got some sleep. :o) Since I will be getting my physical therapist back soon, that means I'll have to rearrange my bedroom again. Geesh! It's more then worth it. :o) So....it went ok. I'm not at all happy about the medicines, but, I'm going to give them a chance....thats all, just a chance. I refuse to be "drugged" up again! One very good thing...I did lose almost 30 pounds since the last time I saw him...in October! YAY! I'm working on it! I feel that it's because we've moved. In this house, I'm not confined to only one room. I can move around in the whole house! :o) 2 snaps for that one!!! :o) And...thats it! :o)


shelt28 said...

Glad you got some sleep.



seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you, Carolyn. :o)