Monday, January 10, 2005

Much better! :o)

First of all....I want to thank you all for your advise. :o) It shows me that there are people who do care out there. :o) I agree....what are fibro friends for! :o) Beleive me, it really helps when someone else really knows what you're going through. :o) I also wrote down a few things for my doctors visit today. Plus...I did sleep all through the night this time...YAY! :o) Today, when my mom gets here, I'm going to ask if she can help me with my bed. It needs to be fixed. I need to find something more to put on it to make it more soft. Of course...just because I did get sleep, doesn't mean I don't have any pains. My hips and legs are still acting up. My back, ribs and shoulders are as well. But...I'm leaving that up to the doctor today! :o) They're going to be his problems today! :o) I'll update when I get back.

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shelt28 said...

Good Luck with the Doctor today.