Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tests are done...YAY!

I went to the hospital yesturday to finish up the rest of my tests. I had to have a series of blood and urin tests, and a CT scan. The CT scan was to see why my arm and legs go numb. I didn't know that you could tell that through a CT scan. I'm hoping so. :o) Oh well...I made it through it all. :o) Now I just have to wait until my next appointment to see the results.

My physical therapist just left. My neck really hurts. She rubbed it, but it is still hurting. Well...I know she can't "cure" it for me. :o) But...I do feel a bit better now. She did tell me how much better I've been handling this, since she first meet me, which was August of last year. A month after I was diagnosed. I told her that I was greiving at the time we first meet. Now...I'm over it. I already know what I can and can't do. :o) Simple. Well...not at first, it wasn't...but now it is. I guess this is all for now. Later! :o)

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