Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Getting there. :o)

Slowly but surley, I'm feeling back to "my" normal self. It has taken longer then I expected. But hey...thats life. :o) I'm not as shaky anymore. On Monday, when my physical therapist came, I had so many new muscle spasms for her to try to rub out. I told her that I had a seizure. She said that would explain the many new spasms. They are slowly easing up on me as well. I'm just glad the doctor told me to stop taking the medicines if I had a seizure. When I am able to type more then I normally do, I will go into more details about things so it doesn't seem that I give up on my medicines. Not the case. I have more then just the fibromyalgia. doctor tells me to do more things then I write about. I'm still weening myself off a medicine that he told me to stop taking, from an appointment before my last one. So, I do not give up on medicines, if I feel they are not working. I do listen to my doctor. I have Epilepsy as well. I've had this since I was a baby. Different medicines will affect that as well. So, the doctor has to be careful of what to give to me for my pain. Then, if I have a seizure, I'm to stop taking them. I'm nothing but a guinea pig.

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