Friday, January 14, 2005

Not liking the meds.

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to get an EEG ran on me. I was suppose to have a CT done too, but their machine broke! So...I have to reschedual it. I'll just get my blood work done at the same time as the CT.

I really don't like what this medicine is doing to me. I'm suppose to give it two weeks. But, it makes me feel like a zombie on speed! I have the shakes preety, I feel like everything is moving around me, and I'm not. I can barely walk...because of being very dizzy....and I have no control over my "self" anymore! If I wanted that....I would drink myself stupid! Thats how I feel....a wired drunk! Plus, with the same pain that I've always had. My physical therapist came yesterday, and I had to do some paper work with her. But there was still enough time to do a short massage. :o) She helps me more then my medicines do. I just guess that the doctors are still just guessing on what to do with all of the fibro patients. I feel like a guinea pig though. I'm still hoping that one day...they'll get it right!


drgnfly3451 said...

I am sorry to hear that your meds are making you feel so weird... I hope that your tests show your doctor how he can help you with the pain....

No, these doctors do not know what they are doing. I am finding though that the younger ones seem to know more than the older ones who all still think that it is just in our heads! I still wish I knew of a doctor who does have Fibro! That would be the biggest help at this point!

I have a friend who was a nurse until Fibro forced her to stop working. She has had alot of surgeries for different pains, in the hopes that would help! They were all Bull, as she is still in pain! And though I do empathize with her, she is extremely difficult to be around anymore when she is in pain....she is having trouble coping with a variety of things. Through her, I have met a wonderful woman who has become a wonderful friend, who also has fibro. She is 62 and if  you could speak with her, you would be amazed at what she has been through with her fibro. She has an implant in her abdomen which is connected to her spine to help her with the pain. The Implant is about the size of a cigarette pack and you can see it sticking out when she wears a bathing suit or tight pants...she says it does not hurt but I do not think I could handle that...The sad thing about her is that she has become an alcoholic to deaden the pain....When we are together visiting, she will not drink but her husband says that it is a big problem at home...

Anyway, feel better...we are have to hang in there until someone comes up with a better paln, right? Hopefully, that will be in our lifetime, right?

gentle hugs, sheri

seraphoflove9001 said...

I so agree of a doctor having this so we are more understood. And...thats pretty sad about the nurse that now has this disease. It sounds like she's trying to take an "easy" way out of this pain. Which will not help. And KUDO'S to the 62 year old lady! :o) I would love to have a chance to talk to someone like that! I bet she has a lot of stories to tell. Both good and bad. I do also hope that these tests will show something for the doctor. :o)
Thank you Sheri! :o)