Saturday, January 22, 2005

Couldn't sleep.

I got up at 1:30. :o( This is going to be a sucky day. I made vegetable soup for today's super. It smells good. I started it last night. Now I'm letting it simmer the rest of the night. I got up because of my left hip, and my right leg hurting so bad. My right arm was numb again as well. That hurts pretty bad too. I don't understand it. Does anyone else have problems with a leg or an arm just going numb on them as well, with no pins and needle feelings? I write in this journal so I, and others that read this, can get a little more educated on fibromyalgia. If I write about something that someone else has, I'd really like to hear from you. I feel that more information should be out there, for others like me can get more information on this disease. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. would be nice if I got some feed back on anyone that has anything like I do, or, any information about fibromyalgia.


drgnfly3451 said...

Lisa, it may just be the two of us...well, shelt28 writes both of us also.

Yes, I get numbness. Mostly in my toes! It is the strangest thing, isn't it? No I don't get the tingling feeling like when something goes to sleep. It just goes numb! I swear I could cut the toes off and not feel that they were gone. They do not turn blue or anything...I just cannot feel them! I think that it is just another strange thing with fibro...

I write in my journal also to keep track of what is going on with me and maybe have someone see what is happening and at least confirm that I am not going crazy!

I came down with the good old flu on Thursday, hitting me with all it had! I am still struggling to even walk from the bed to the chest pain is a 10 from coughing so much! I think that I have found how to manage it though...I take a dose of cough med, 2 tylenol#3, I put vicks vapor rub on my chest with a damp wash cloth and then my best friend, my heating pad, on top of that.  I have it all tied on with the sash to my bathrobe and I am now downstairs in a lazyboy chair up right. I think that the gunk in my chest is finally breaking up a bit as I sip some hot tea.

Of course, one of the descriptions of fibromyalgia is feeling like you have the flu, right? Being hit by a mack truck, right? Well, with the Flu and Fibro, it feels like I have been hit by a 747 airplane at sonic speed! It is now day 3 of this and I do hope that I feel well enough to get to school tomorrow. I do not think that the heavy snow we had...about 9 inches will close school but it could cause a delay at least. The wind is blowing it around and where  the school is, they have alot of country roads to get to it! :) We shall see!

take care...feel better...always gentle hugs, Sheri

seraphoflove9001 said...

Sheri....Thank you for understanding me. :o) It does help if others write to make you feel like you're not going nuts. :o) Yes, I've had this numbing in my legs and arms for about 2 years now, before I was even diagnosed, and one day, I was sitting on the floor, I went to get up, didn't even realize that my leg was numb, and I fell and broke my foot, I even seen how I did it...very gross...and then fell into a book shelf of mine and broke my ankle! My foot was actually bent all the way in half...and I didn't feel it! Amazing! When I went to the hospital to get it checked, they of course asked me how I manged to do what I had done. When I told them...the looks on everyones face! I know down deep, they all thought I was lying, or on some kind of really good drugs! But I know what you mean by you could cut your toes off and not feel it. It's is so true! I'm glad that I'm not the only one.
You don't sound very good at all. Wow! I sure hope that you get to feeling better. Yes, I do have those flu like syptoms too, with this fibro stuff. I know when I get sick, I can expect it to last double and a half the time it used to take for me to get rid of it. Plus...I'm usually the first to catch it. :o)
I do hope that you sart to feel better for school. I'm sure your students will miss you. :o)
And as always....gentle hugs to you as well.