Friday, May 30, 2008


Good morning all. Hoping that you are feeling and doing well. Wow! Thats a lot of mood choices we have now! Cool! :o)

I're tired of seeing these kind of pictures and hearing about them, but it's apart of my life, and I feel it nessasary to post them to log.
My whole body is very swollen. My face is horrid. (nothing too different lol) My nurse came yesterday and that was one of the first thing out of her mouth was, "OMG, your face!" I'm just glad that I already knew about it or that would have really scared me. Whew!
My legs, ankles and feet are the largest they've ever been. I'm keeping my watch and bracelet on to watch the progress on my arms as well. It hurts to bend my legs to sit. They honestly feel like they're going to just pop! No kidding! I'm still walking, but its harder on me, but I don't want to just stay in bed all of the time. I know I need to get up and at least walk. I get very out of breath real quick., my nurse didn't do anything to help me. I even asked her, to the point of begging her.

I'm still testing my sugar and my blood pressure. My blood pressure is still doing the samething...bumping all over the place. I'll get 157/114...182/132 And this is before I get out of bed. Even when I do get out of bed before I check them, its still the same. I showed my nurse this as well.
She said that I probably have hypertension. Whatever that is.

And within a few days, I've gained 6 pounds! This was actually over night, the night before, because I remember telling my nurse this.
I'm really thinking about calling my case manager to let her know that no one seems to be helping or not answering my qustions. I feel like I'm not being taken care of properly with this agancy.

Since this is Friday, I think I'll do it today. And I'm still not empting my bladder as well. All this is painfull.
I'm also not on line very much at all. Because it hurts my legs and feet. Oh...I had a question I wanted to ask anyone who might know the answer. Like I said, this is the most swollen that I have had. The palms of my hands are so dry, they are 'puckering' like when you're in the tub to long. And so is my mouth. I can barely talk because if I have my mouth open for too long, the whole inside, even my lips, dry up quick. And of course the rest of my body always gets dried out when this swelling happens. It's just kind of weird because all of the water retension and then the extremly dryness to the rest of my body. If you might know the answer, I would love to hear it. :o)

I can chug a lot of bottled water in no time...and I hate water. But it's helping to make the inside of my mouth feel better.
My daughter and my babies are going to come over today! YAY! :o) My medicines! lol I'm glad to because I was having withdraw! :o) My daughter is my baby also, and she can always make me laugh! I love that. :o) more thing that my nurse told me yesterday. She was listening to my heart and lungs. She said that my heart sound pretty good and my lungs were clear, (which was good to hear) but she told me to keep and eye on my right lung! It's my left lung thats bad! She told me that she could hear the water getting close to the bottom of the right lung! Now is that possible to hear? Please let me know if it is, because I will do that if its true.
I need to go now. Have a great day and Gods blessings to all of you! :o)

And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

- Abraham Lincoln




specialadyfink said...

It  would be best if you took off your watch and bracelet just in case you swell
and can't get them off-that would be frightening.
So so sorry that this is what is happening to you.
No one can know your misery but I do care....

heavenlybama said...

Sending you an email.

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa so sorry for all you are dealing with....water in the lungs could be the hypertensiion/pulmory edema that you sound like you are having.  Hope you do call your case manager, you need help and answers now dear. I wish you'd go to the ER for help. Isn't there anyone in your family that could help you to get you the correct help, seems like the medical folks are ignorning you and your health problems.  You need someone to speak up and get help for you. Bless you dear. Arlene (AJ)

gehi6 said...

I just don't know what to think.  Or say.  It surprises me that the human body can go so awry especially in a person as young as you are.  Do they tell you to cut back on all your sugar?  I know that has really helped me, but then I don't know how much sugar you might be taking in.  I would not put any in the tea or any other drink you have because it stands to reason that sugar is not going to be good if you are running any sugar at all.  I tend to retain fluid, and this has helped that, too.  I would like to drink other stuff, but stick to water and a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, because any other drink has proved bad for me.  Just keep on doing anything like recording what is happening on camera that can occupy your mind and also show others what is happening.  Being a prisoner of your own body is not fun I am sure.  You have really had your wings clipped.  For that reason I enjoyed seeing that photo of you down on the floor playing with Kayden.  Shows you still have a playful spirit no matter what!  Gerry

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I am so sorry you are feeling this way.
I haven't been online much either.
My Mom has been in hospital/rehab last 7 weeks,
go there everyday, she is coming home tomorrow.
Worried about how we will care for her, but at least she will be home,
She cannot walk but can stand, so they have shown us how to get her on comode etc.
I guess all we can do is one day at a time or I get so nervous.
Enjoy your visit with the kids.

siennastarr said...


lanurseprn said...

Lisa, you NEED to go to the hospital. You can die from this. Don't let it go.

thegirlnexdoor77 said... dear friend am so sorry you have been hurting so bad...I know it is something you deal with daily...I will be praying for you some comfort..if only for a day.  I am sorry I have not been alerts never work and with soooo many journals and not much puter time I end up missing some really good friends journals!  I have another Lisa I need to go see...Please email me if you don't see me back at least once a week cause I like to keep up with you and consider you a friend!  Hugs,TerryAnn