Friday, May 2, 2008


Good afternoon.

I've been taking my BP, Blood sugar, weightand pulse every morning before I get out of bed. (except for the weight) This is my last readings; BP-150/129, weight-222-pulse-90 Blood sugar-139. I don't know if any of these are bad or not. Too much going on and I'm not rememering much anymore. I think my BP is high though. My nurse came yesterday. She did tell me that the new doctor had called he to let me know to keep a log and do the things I've already been doing. Thats good because if I put too much more in my brain, Its going to explode! Just to remember.

I do like this new nurse alot. She just comes in and just starts doing what she's supposed to be doing. I do get good vibes from this one, she doesn't at all make me nirvouse. I don't need that either.
She also needed to get blood, two tubes. Not bad. :o) I told her that she needs to just keep a butterfly in my arm to make it easier on the both of us. :o) My feet and ankles are down a bit. Shes still concerned about me. Too bad she can't be my doctor.
I've been so thirsty lately. I made a big pitcher of iced tee yesterday, and I've drank that, and now I'm in the prosses of making more. I can't get enough. :o)
I just thought of something....I'm drinking like its going out of styl and I'm only urinating like I normally do. I wonder if I'll swell again because I'm not urinating like I should. <sigh>
And yes, I am done with all of this. I'm just going to medicate myself so all I do is sleep. Then I won't have to deal with all of this. I'm depressed, I lost my best friend, and I don't have anyone to talk to that either doesn't understand or anyone. Like if my best friend would come over I'd have her to talk to. My home health aide was here yesterday and I had two hours to just talk. And she didn't mind at all. I really like her a lot.
She was in an orginising mood and looked around and asked where should she start. :o) Thats exactly what my 2 rooms really need is to be orginized. She did get 1 corner done for me. And just that really helps me. And I really appreciate it as well. She told me that she's been spring cleaning at her house and she still had the 'cleaning' mode in her! :o) Shes young...kind of looks like she could be my sons age. So she's younger then me and is able to do all kinds of things. lol :o)
I am really hurting today. My arms and my legs. They are having problems working. My arms feel like they weigh 200 pounds. No kidding.
I'm leaving now.

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

- Allan K.

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.

- Storm Jameson



chat2missie said...

I loved seeing the pictures of you and the baby.  Have a good weekend.

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa enjoyed seeing the pictures thanks for sharing with us.  You just try to relax as much as you can dear.  The BP was a bit high being 150, more concerned with the 2nd part of 129, that's too high, also blood sugar is high.  Are you putting sugar in your ice tea dear, that could be contributing to the sugar levels. Sounds like you have a good nurse who will help you finally. Try not to get yourself down dear, doesn't help for sure.  Don't know why you lost your best friend.....would a call to her and saying you miss your friendship with your friend and you are sorry help to get you two back on the friendship road. A I'M Sorry can go a big way and might help you with being depressed.  Worth a try dear.  Take care. Arlene (AJ)  

specialadyfink said...

great photos -those grandbabies bring you to life..lovely

heavenlybama said...

I love the pics of Andrew.  And yes...your BP is very high.  The thirstiness and the high blood sugar means you probably have diabetes.  Hubby was drinking like crazy until he was diagnosed.  I'm so concerned and worried about you.  I am glad you finally have a good nurse and home health aide.  Now if the doctors would get their shit together and treat you right!  Thinking of you and praying for you Lisa.

peytonswater said...

First off, the pictures are WONDERFUL!!! WOW, what a super proud Grandma! It radiates of love!
I am glad this nurse has a heart and I hope & pray that the new dr. will also have this trait.

zoepaul6968 said...

Self medicating is what we all do to cope sometimes,me included,but it doesnt make it all go away,maybe youre drinking alot due to the blood sugars,not so much thirst,or it could even be your meds making you thirsty,ask the nurse when she next comes,I bet thats what it is,of course youre depressed hun,I can join you on that,I find ways to help but it never leaves,it just waits for a low moment to grab you,you dont have the advantages I do so I dont whittle on about how it affects me,personnally I can go out for a walk and really clear my head,but I now get anxiety before going out,so I dont do that any more.Why I avoid it I dont know,you cant get out and would love to,so kick me up the ass,I need that.Whats happened to your best friend? Sorry Ive been on a different planet lately to be honest,I keep busy to numb things,but now that I have sciatica,keeping busy is a bloody luxury,I am here hun,I maybe slow sometimes to reply,but I am always here,come have a whinge if you need to,I have broad shoulders,as always,take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zoe

gehi6 said...

The new baby looks as though he is going to have the same large eyes that Kayden does.  I don't know about the color, but their eyes are so beautiful.  He looks like a very healthy big baby.  I am so glad.  Gerry

emabecmar said...

awww those boys are so precious. I am glad you got a nurse that you like now. (((Hugs))))