Wednesday, May 14, 2008

~Things that are important to me....

Good morning. I do hope that you're doing and feeling good.

I got a call yesterday from this lady that I needed to talk to about changing my care giver. My mom is going to do it. :o) She only needs to get a certain card from Red Cross and a few papers to fill out. The last thing, we both have to do. I wasn't told what it will be, but I have a pretty good idea. She will only be working for me.
I called my new gp yesterday about my blood test strips and if she could fax a script over to the company I go through, for Physical Therapy again. She never called me back. I did get a call about her wanting me to and see a urinoligist! (the main guy over all of the other pt's took me off , then to just have a doctors script again to get it back) No! I'm not going to see "another" doctor! Because I already know what will happen. After they see me, then they'll want me to go here and there and take this or that and take this test and that one! And I'm Not going to go through all of this again because I can't get my bladder emptied! Thats what that one medicine was for that she gave me. It wasn't covered by my insurance so she just took me off of her shoulders and ship me someplace else. I don't think so! I'm not live stalk to where you think you can hurd me around! All she had to do, just like all of the other doctors, put me on a medicine that my insurance will cover it. I know that she can do it because she asked me what kind of insurance I had and looked it up in a book!
I need to know also about the test strips. Because she had mentioned to me about diebeties when looking at my logs. If she can wright scripts for those, then I won't have to buy them. I'm going to call her again today and ask the same questions.
I know I'm not asking for too much here.
I did get the lift chair! YAY! They asked me what color; I said it doesn't matter. :O) So the chair will be green. :o) And the hot tub has to go through a couple more places like the chair did and then I'll know if I get that as well. And then see how much I have left to spend for the year and if I have enough, have a screened in back deck. Or what they call a Florida room. The both of them will relax me, and I can't wait. :o)
I have been thinking of a few things here about J-Land. Don't take this wrong but, one of the main reasons I had to stop commenting in journals was because of my hands. It's come now, to a point to where I can't read them anymore. Please, don't take this wrong. When I read, then I get in the mood of the author. If they are happy, then I am. If it's a rant, I get angry and feel the need to comment bad things as well. It seems to be, that I need to just stop, and take a huge deep breathe. (this doesn't mean at all that I won't miss you all, or that all of your journals are bad. It's me. Not you. :o)
Plus, I know I don't need to tell everyone to not worry about commenting in my journal because almost everyone already has! And I still don't know why, no one has told me. Oh well.
I have a life out side of J-Land and I need to utilize it.
Friday, dh came home from work and had gotten me this thermos type cup. It has a handle and a lid. He is hoping that it might help. You see, I drop almost everything now. My hands have gotten a lot worse. Last Thursday night, I had spilled a drink in my bed. I called for him and he took my sheets off and put them in the wash. Then he put another set on my bed. I did it again. And he did the same thing. I cried because I really feel like a baby! Not being able to hold my own cups. The one that he brought home works great. I also have a purple baby cup. And I could really care less if anyone sees them because they work for me. :o) So when I drop my drink, it won't spill anymore. :o)
For Mothers Day, all I wanted was my kids and grandbabies and salmon and fried potatoes! OMG! It was so good! My son and his girlfriend made it. :o) It really tasted so good. But, I used to cook like that all the time, and now that I haven't been able to cook anymore, we don't get all of that grease. My son and I were up all night sick! lol My son said the same as I sure was good though! :o)
I have a few pictures at the top with me holding Andrew. :o) He loves to be all in a bundle so he can do his snuggling. :o) And Kayden...He really did catch that fish! YAY! :o) He's my little man! So, I got everything I wanted for Mother's Day! Dh went to the candy store here in town and brought me home Buckeyes! They are so good. :o)
I'm sorry about writing so much. I haven't wrote in awhile and I guess I had more to say then I thought I did! lol
I hope that everyone laughs today, smile, say hi to anyone and everyone! It will make their day! :o)

~~~~~~~~About what I wrote about your journals, I care about all of you and I get upset if I see that you're upset. It's because I care about all of you.




sugarsweet056 said...

My prayers are with you.
God bless,

chat2missie said...

What are buckeyes?  I sure hope you can get your medical worries straightned out.  Worrying over stuff isn't good for you either.  You're always in my prayers!

gehi6 said...

What you said about feeling like live stock herded around was I thought quite apropos for someone in the system with a complicated disease.  I think dealing with the cure is about as bad as the disease, or at least what doctors think might cure. But desperation on the part of the patient leads to acceptance.  I am glad you had an enjoyable Mother's day!  I had 3 meals with my kids, each one separate, so that was fun because it lasted so long. I don't blame you for not reading journals or doing anything that requires too much effort at this point, because all your energy has to go to just trying to keep alive. Family next.  You have to determine what you can do.  I accept it.  Gerry

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, do'nt worry about the journals, just take care of you,Love and Hugs Lisa

geocachelinda66 said...

Oh the baby is adorable!  So is Kayden, but tell Momma its time for the "binkie fairy" to come and bring the binkie to a baby who needs it because he is a big boy now!  LOL!  Sorry, I know mind my own business!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad that Dh is there to help you and bought you a cup.I can see He cares for you.Just know,I am praying for you.

texastames35 said...

goodMORING GOOD EVINING , I LOVES YOU , HOING THE BEST FOR EVERYONE , KEEP HANGING IN THERE , your doing better , im gladed , thats wonderful about the lift chair and all yeaaaaaa good going , its a ok your loved , your grandsons are so handsome hi therer , paryers and best things to come think + god loves you and is there and watching over all of us , yr a great friend and person , thank you all so much tc of you  , friendship , im there if needed yw , im gladed you haded a great mothers day i haded a fairy good day too , ty yw blessings , hugs ,