Tuesday, February 15, 2005

....and the doctor said....

Yesturday I went to my sleep specialist. He is so nice. I'm still carrying a low grade temp. I don't know why. Oh well. The doctor said that he see's how well I've been doing since the last time I had an appointment. :o) He's glad that I'm doing pretty good with my weight. :o) So am I. He checked my legs for circulation. I still have somewhat of a problam still with that. But, He was happy that it wasn't any worse then it could have been....me too. :o) All in all, the appointment went great. No bad news. Well....he just wanted to know why my other doctor didn't put me on some kind of pill to help with my high cholesterol, or a meal plan. But...oh well. I'm fine. So...I had a very good Valentine's Day, and Aniversary yesturday! :o)

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