Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Well....I thought it would be over?

Yesterday started out to be a very stressful time. I really was so stressed, my neck and shoulders started hurting so badly, it felt as if I had whiplash all over again! My pain level was a deffinate 9! I didn't have to testify yesterday. But.....I will on March 17. At least by then, I will be ready for the trial. Whew! I will be able to do my own techniques in relaxation. :o) For my mind and my body. After I came out of my clothes, and into more relaxing pj's, I started to relax so much, I got very tired. :o) Plus, I could feel the pain leave my body, little by little! YAY! Now, I'm just back to my "normal" self of a pain level of 7. :o) Big difference!

I still want to point out that the links I provided 2 entries ago, are a must see! The first link is the best! Just sign up for the information packets, and you'll recieve 3 emails packed full of links, and information. :o) I can't stress it enough....I have learned so much more from doing this myself. I've even put some of the information on my own website. :o)

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