Sunday, February 13, 2005


The day before, my body must have been on a "shut down" mode. Because yesturday, I was feeling better. My friend came over, and we went to Jo Ann Fabrics to look at the crafts. I haven't been there is so long. :o) I was able to get a few things of beads, so I can start on my jewelry making again. :o) I'm excited to start making them again. :o) Then we went to a Party Supple store here in town that I had no idea existed! lol Shows how long I've been to that area of town! lol It had a lot of fun things and a varity of themes for was pretty cool. :o) It gave me a lot of ideas. :o) When I got home, I was still feeling ok. My husbands mom has a lot of jewelry that she sells, and a lot that are just not good enough to sell....and she told me that I could go over and look through them and take what I I did! :o) I took my daughter and her boyfriend, and we had fun doing that. I came home with so had to make a lot of room in the room I'm in now just for them. Plus, she gave me 3 jewelry boxes, and 6 big round tins full of things, and 2 bead boxes of beads! Wow! It's going to take a lot of time just to go through them all and to get them in an organized fashion. So....I'll be busy for awhile. :o) A very good thing. My right shoulder is still hurting. I suppose it's going to be like my left hip....something thats going to stick around for awhile. :o) Oh well. So, my day yesturday was a pretty good day. :o) Lets hope that todat will be the same. :o) 

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