Friday, February 18, 2005

A better day

Yesturday's visit to see the new neurologist went great! So much better then I expected. :o) He actually knew what he was talking about! :o) He gave me samples of Mirapex for my restless leg syndrome. He told me if they helped, I could call the nurse and he would write me a scritp for them. I'm going to try the new medicine tonight, since it's a weekend night, while someone will be here with me, just in case. The nurse just called me to say that she missed saying goodbye to me yesturday, as I was already out the door. Wow...what nice people! I'm so not used to that. :o) I would love to change my neurologist to him. I am very pleased with everything that was talked about, and left feeling that I had no questions to ask, or even that I might have forgotten to ask, because everything was covered. :o) Very impressive. :o) My seizures are myoclonic seizures....which I already knew....but my other neuro would insist that my seizures had no point in them! Yea...makes no since to me either. day went very good yesturday. :o)

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