Monday, February 14, 2005

I stayed up a little too late.

Last night, I had to stay up to watch the Grammy Awards. :o) I'm a big music lover. :o) My friend was over, and she told me that drinking a glass of viniger and water everyday, would lower my cholesterol, and flush out my system. Hmmm...I can't stand the smell of viniger, but, if it will do all of that, I'm very willing to try it. I'll look it up on the web, or if anyone has heard of this as well, can let me know. :o) I have an appointment with my sleep specialist today. I haven't seen him in awhile, so I really need to have this appointment. Everytime I go to make an appointment with him, I forget to do it....fibro fog? :o) Today is my 19 wedding aniversary! Wow! Seems a lot longer! lol (kidding?) lol It's raining out today, and it's also pretty warm here. It's 50 degree's out right now, and I'm getting over heated. I'm ending this, so I can cool off. :o)

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