Saturday, February 5, 2005

Up early.

Well....I got up way too early this morning, because of my right arm in so much pain. I got up at 3:00. Bummer. Oh well. This morning, when my husband gets up....we have plans on going back to Wal-Mart to put a crib in lay away for my daughter. I can't wait....because it's the one I want her to have for the baby. :o) My son took her to JC Penny's on Thursday, and baught her a new pair of maternity pants, and an out fit for the baby! :o) That was so sweet of him to do for her. :o) So's been between my son and his girlfriend, and me that has been getting her the things that she needs for the baby and herself. Sad that the father of the baby doesn't...and he lives here! Oh well....she'll one day see what he "hasn't" done for the baby and her.

My pain had gotten so much better since yesterday morning. Whew! :o) I layed down for a nap, and it really helped the pain. Breathing was making my chest hurt, which made my shoulder hurt, and then go down my arm on my right side. Ouch! I'm just thankful that I can breath without it making me in such aganizing pain. :o) Well....thats it for now.

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