Wednesday, February 9, 2005

It's been awhile since my last entry....sorry.

On computer crashed on me! Yikes! I felt so alone without it! lol :o) ( kidding) But...I did need it so I could look up some very important information. I got the computer back late yesturday. :o) YAY! So...I can now do my research. A lot has happened since my last entry. Weird how that works. :o) I still haven't been able to get back to everyone to let them know what happened. I will though. :o) Ok....on Monday, I had a doctors appointment for a follow up on all of those horrible tests I went through...and the blood tests. My appointment was for 1:15, and I didn't get out of there until about 3:30. What I heard from my doctor was NOT what I was expecting. This doctor is a new primary care doctor. I changed to him only a few months ago, because he does know and treat fibromyalgia. Now....I'm very glad I did. I've gone in for the same kind of tests before that my old doctor gave me. Nothing was found....they all would come back normal. Hmmm....he wasn't "on top" of things in my opinion. Well....I was told that I had "greasy blood!" I started laughing! I thought he was joking. NOT! He was very serious. He showed me all of my test results, and all of the blood work that came back very high, and dangerous! OUCH! Not good to see. While the doctor was telling me why my tests came back that way, and why didn't my last doctor catch this and/or do anything about this....I went into a daze! I could see his mouth move....but I wasn't able to hear him. :o( My mom was with me, and I had a note book and pen, and was trying my best to write everything he was saying to me, down. Yea right! I did do my best. What it all comes down to is blood sugar is very high! What? I'm hypoglaucemic! It wasn't "computing." I have to now be tested for diebeties. My liver isn't doing so hot either. He needs me to have a liver biopsy. There is something going so wrong inside of me, that my red blood cells are so high, I have too much blood! What? Never heard of that either. It's just my body's way of trying to fight something off thats in there that isn't suppose to be, thats wrong. But...the thing that really floored me was when he was talking about certain blood tests that didn't come back normal, and very high....were the ones that told him that I really need to be closely watched, because I can have at any time, a stroke! Then a big possibility that I could have a heart attack! Good Grief! So....he did let me know that this had to have been going on for a long time, and if my other doctor ever gave me blood tests...yes he did, but he was a quack! I feel pretty safe with my new doctor, because he is sending me to a specialist for the liver and my "greasy blood." The only way that I've been getting through all of this not so good news, has been doing some breathing techniques to relax. I just can't wait until all of this is over with, and I'm finally fixed. I can deal with the fibro, but it's a little harder knowing this other stuff, and trying to deal with it as well. I think I'm doing pretty good. :o) Thats all for now. :o)

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