Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good morning. Hoping things are alright.

Yesterday, my mom and I spent the day together. That means so much to me. :o) I always have fun with her.
She took me to get my hair cut. It's just the same cut I always get, nothing new. :o) It makes me so nervouse to have someone eles touch my hair. I had asked her for a razor cut too, because my hair looks so much better because it lays different.

I really didn't feel up to even going anywhere. I still just feel icky.
But, I thought that since it's my mom....I was safe. :o) ......and she'd cheer me up! She asked me if I felt like going anywhere else and I didn't need to go anywhere because dh had done my errends for me over the weekend. So...we went to Sonic's for lunch.
I thought of a place I'd like to go. Nena's new house! :o) I called her to see if they were home and she told me to go to the back side door when we got there. I forgot her address but I knew the color of her house. ROFLOL!!! My mom and I were walking in the side yard, trying to be quit and looking for the door. I told my mom that Kayden needs to put his outside toys away. I'm trying to look in the windows to see if I could see her. Well, we got all the way back there and then suddenly realized that we were 2 houses down too far!! LOL Too funny! :o) We were laughing so hard! I told my mom to hurry up because they might have called the police on us! LOL Too funny! :o)
Everyone was asleep except for Nena. But....I picked Andrew up to cuddle with him and he woke up. lol ooppsy! :) Well he needed to eat. :) lol That child litterally picks on me! No kidding! lol Even at his age....and even saying his age, to me he isn't even ready for yet! lol My mom seen how he does that to me...LOL Now this baby is a miniture Nena! Oh no! lol :o) This time I can give pick on him and play with him and if he starts acting like Nena, I can give him back to her! lol :o) I like that. :o)
I need to go, just got a call from my new nurse. She's coming over to do a bladder test. Finally.


specialadyfink said...

Loved the pics
ALRIGHT KAYDEN -he wears a helmet with his 4 wheeler...he can come ride with me anytime!!

pharmolo said...

I'm pleased you were being spoiled a bit, Lisa :-)

gehi6 said...

Oh, I am so glad your mom took you over to see the new house, and you were laughing so hard when you went to the backyard of the wrong house!  That made me laugh. Your sense of humor just saves you, it is so good you have that, when dealing with all these health problems.  You can cheer me up when you get to laughing!  Gerry