Saturday, April 26, 2008

~Just an update~

I want to thank everyone for coming over. You guys make me feel safe. :o)

As for today, I wasn't on the computer for very long. This swelling is pretty painful, a lot nore than I thought if would be,
And yes, I am worried about my breathing and the darn swelling. I do have a cardiologist as well. They told me to just go ahead and stick with my sleep/ pulmanry doctor.
Yes, that experiance in the ER was bad! I hate going there.

I agree, there isn't any place to go here that will help me. I'm soooo frustrated! My legs and my body are still that way. That doctor told me that I need to get TED socks (the white compresion ones).
I was able to finally get them. I got them onand it was a struggle. But now my knees and thighs look like a 'muffin' hanging over the socks. I took two naps today, and they still look the same. I need something that will help me.
No, when I have an appointment thats close, I drive myself. And I'm at those appointments by myself. The only doctors appointments that I have someone with me is when I need to go to my neurologist, to long for me to drive. I'm alone during all of the others. I don't like it. Thats life.
I'm so scared about my blood sugar and blood pressure. I've ran out of ideas to be able to get help or at least take the edge off of all of this. I feel like they see me as someone that dosen't have anything, so why help? It's just like if I was invisable. No kidding.
Today just wasn't a good day at all. I've been resting a lot and doing my best to help my legs and just cry. My face is so swollen, right under my eyes, I have a deep under eye circle. When it gets full of my tears, then they will leak onto my face.
Thank you all for all of your advise. I'm saving them and going to print out. It makes such a differnance when anyone just sayd hi to me in a comment. Because I know these journals are hard to keep up with. Thank you.

Happiness is a state of activity.

- Aristotle


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emabecmar said...

I hope the socks work for you. Are you elevating your legs when you lay down? That helps me with my swelling. Got ya in prayers girlfriend. ((((hugs)))))))

specialadyfink said...

Lisa I wish i had a magic wand and could make you all better.
Life is so unfair,You don't deserve all this suffering and the ineptness of those doctors pisses me off.
I think of you and and praying for you..wish I could do more
Many huggies girl

pharmolo said...

I hope you're having a comfortable day today, in spite of the lack of appropriate care. It is a miracle that you still manage to do the things you are doing :-)

jlocorriere05 said...

It sounds like you need the full length TED stockings , the socks will restrict your circulation at the knee, causing more problems. I'm so sad for you that you can't get more help.Jeannette xx  

mrubydee said...

Hello Sarah,

we are here as a family with deep thought into the troublesome trip that you've been through.  We admire and care for you deeply and wish you the best in healing and keeping your positive spirit.  It is so nice to see you smile and to hear you laugh.  We love your dog too and the happiness that he gives you.  We read your entries everyday and keep you close in our hearts.  Please keep looking ahead for health to improve and keep your strong will in fighting for life.

With Love,

Evelyn and Rachel

kirkbyj05 said...

Dear Lisa,

You are never out of my mind.  I so wish someone at the ER would take notice of you and not just fob you off and send you home again.
Try and get back to your nice doctor and tell him/her what happened at the ER.

Those stockings don't sound effective.  You need measuring for long ones which go to the top of your legs.
I pray so hard for your relief and am scandalised at your treatment at hospital and recently by your home nurse.
You are an angel and I think the world of you.  You who have been so afflicted with so much still have time for others and time to laugh too.  You are wonderful!
Praying for you to get help soon.
Much love
Jeanie xxcxxxxxx