Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No pix's this time. ( I think you're getting tired of them.)

Just logging a few things. I do pray that all of you are feeling good. :o)

I was checking my vitals last night and, not everything was right. I now weigh 220! Yikes! My swelloning hasn't made a budge yet to go down. Yes, I do keep them up and staying off of them as much as possible.
Blood pressure was 134/81 and my pulse was 84. Now this is what gets me. My blood sugar was 284!!! It had been about 6-7 hours since I last ate! Here we go again! This mornings blood pressure 128/108, pulse was 110 and I still weigh 220. My sugar is 174! Originally, I purchased the blood sugar thingy because I'm hypoglycemic. I have a feeling that I'm not anymore. Oh well, this too shall pass.
I haven't seen my new grandson since Friday. :o( On the weekends they go over and stay there until they have everything worked out. Nena called me that things are going great. I'm so glad to hear that. :o) (just more things acomplished)
So....I'm missing them all so very much!
I need to see Andrew. :o) I'm having "Grandchildren withdrawls!" :o)
I'm going to go now so I can get my  feet up. Oh Joy! Not! :o)
I pray you have a joyous day!

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.

- Storm Jameson




chat2missie said...

Have a good evening.

ajquinn354 said...

Enjoy seeing your grand kids, know they will be a real lift me up being with them. Waiting the usual 7-8 hours to test your sugar did see it come down some. Know between 100-125 is considered to be in the pre-diabetic stage, hubby was in that, but thankfully he's below 100 now. Hope when your medical helpers come, they can help you with the swelling, etc.  Bless you for hanging tough dear.  Arene (AJ)  

pharmolo said...

Bloodpressure is (too) high, and you're still carrying all that water around, which is unnecessary. I hope you'll get to see your grandchildren soon, as in, today, because they give you such a boost :-))

imgr8phil said...

Sorry the swelling hasn't gone down any.  Yes I think you need your kid and grand kid to pay you a visit.  Take care.


dca721 said...

I for one am not tired of the pictures!
I am sorry about the swelling.
I have to say though in your pics with your new grandbaby I thought you looked beautiful.
I'm not good with blood pressure numbers.
I have been busy, not sure if I told you but my Mom is in the hospital and not doing too well.
However, she is 90 years old, my Dad who is 92 is lost without her and so hard of hearing I am not sure if he understands.  She has been unable to walk...this came on slowly but suddenly got worse.  Also dehydrated from the runs...when she went in...they also found bladder infection.
So, they had her on anti-biotics...who's side effect was diarehea...so that continued for 11 days with bed pan.  She now is so sore...I am so worried.  We hate the Dr. she has there...he is an arrogant prick...excuse my language.  Ambulance took her to closet hospital.  We rarely see Dr. and I've seen him twice for maybe 5 minutes total.  He blirted out things that he was suspicious of her having.  He had no bed side manner.  My Mom is a real worrier and he could have pulled me into the hall.  Today I told him how arrogan I thought he was...I also should have reminded him that he wasn't paying us to see her.  TOO LONG of a story to cover here.
It's hard to understand why my beloved Niece had to suddenly die at age 36 and good health, while my parents are struggling.  I think my Mom has pretty much given up, and who can blame her?  She's so sad since her grandaughter died, she also lost her son, my brother 4 and a half years ago.  I really am losing faith, if I even have any.
Take care dear.  I think of you often, I haven't been keeping up well.  Been at the hospital alot.
When you are elderly and have no one to look out for you, I don't think you get the best treatment.
Love you,