Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A video entry

Ok...I made an attempt to make 1 video entry this morning. I don't know why my camera started acting up. So, I did do it but, in "6" small videos. Sorry about that.
This morning my BP is 159/80, weight is 222, pulse is, 100 and my blood sugar is 282! You'll also see in the videos how swollen my face is. And it's red....I don't understand that one. I was trying to get a good shot of my right foot and ankle and I just couldn't do it. I'm not able to turn my arms and hands a certain way anymore. I tried though. :o) Today it'll have been a week now that they have been swollen. ggrr! Well...Enjoy my videos! :o)




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gehi6 said...

I looked at all the videos.  I think this was a good idea because it is like a visit so we can see how you are doing and what you are contending with.  I was glad the dog was with you.  I can see why you could not go anywhere easily at all. I do hope you will keep posting and making videos as I know I want to see some of you, too.  I feel a little reassured just hearing you smile and laugh some.  You can be contending with a lot of scary things but you have still got your sense of humor, and that can always cheer me up and that is strange!  Even as I feel sad with the progress of some of your ailments.  Gerry