Saturday, April 26, 2008

Please, more comments. I'm going to print them out. Your ideas!

Firstly I want to thank all of you for your comments. I'm going to print them out so that I will be able to rememver. I really do appreciate your comments, they do keep me going.
Ok, my day yesterday. < huge sigh>
I had an appointment to see my pulmanry doctor, he's also the one that takes care of my sleep and the tests. I do like this doctor. When he came in the room, he had asked me what happened?! I told him that my whole body has been swollen for 1 week and 3 days now! The pain is starting to really hurt. My sleep test is the same and I had asked him about this water gain. It's from the congestive heart failure and it needs to be taken care of AQAP. So he told me to go to the ER and tell them that he told me to come and hospitalize me over night for observations. I did that. And hey....I'm still swollen...and I'm at home! Imagine that!
To me, it was very hot out. I had pretty bad shortness of breath. I had my walker and my cane with me. As I made it in, the woman at the desk came around to help me sit down. She took my vitals and a EKG. I have no idea what it showed because she tore the paper from the middle of the paper and ran it back to the ER. Then she came back for me.
Their is a doctor there that I won't let him to even touch me or my family! He has no idea as to what he is doing! No kidding. Thankfully, he wasn't there. But I did get the doctor thats just like him! gggrrr And I couldn't ask for another doctor because he was the only one there. ggggrrrr! They did all of the hook ups like the EKG etc... They gave me a small I.V. to give me Lasix. I had told him that it doesn't work for me. They brought in a side commode as well. They gave me 80 mg's. I only went 2 times. I sort of proved it. For the time I was there. He told me that he was going to admit me if I didn't unrinate properly. I guess I urinated properly.
After that, I was to get dressed and leave. I kept asking him about my swellining. He said to just put my feet up! You've got to be kidding me!!! It's my whole body!
I was still out of breath and extremely hot. I did have my little oxegyn tank with me. I went to McDonald's and got a large High C! I downed it before I got home!
....and yea, my BP was still high, like when I take it here myself. And, he did tell me that I need to make an appointment with my doctor becouse I'm just alittle above diabtie's!
When I got home, which was around 3:30, I peeled my clothes of, and got into a cool nighty. I had the ac on 68 and my fan blowing on me. I was so exausted...and still am. I guess I passed out, because I don't remember ever laying down to sleep. I was watching those court shows.
Dh woke me up and It was kinda like a dream. I felt sort of weird. But I do feel better. Nena brought my grandbabies over!
So I woke up to that! :o) Now thats the best medicine! :o) I still haven't been able to see their new home yet. With this swelling, my feet hurt so badly. She seen why.
Well....that about wraps up my day yesterday. And this is the short version too! All I know is, I
"DID"feel as if I was in the arms of Jesus...I know I couldn't have walked all that way to the entrance of the ER without help!
I pray that everyone is doing fine and make this day to remember! :o)




specialadyfink said...

Whew -what a day.Was sooo worried about you .
Guido sent out a prayer alert,andd I posted in my journal and in

Glad you got to hug those grandbabies--good medicine for the soul. Wish there were competent doctors where you're at,as there is so much going on that is alarming and needs taken care of on a stat basis.
Know I think of you constantly and am sending up prayers.
Hugs My Friend

peytonswater said...

It seems as if that entire trip to the ER was not in your favor :( <sigh> Your in my thoughts, always.  And that would be nice to waking up to a new born!

sugarsweet056 said...

Get on the phone with the Dr that you like, that sent you to the ER, tell him what happened, & that you're not any better. Do it today!!! If you can't get in toucht with him on Sat (try), then do it Mon morn.
I'm worried about you sweetie.
Love ya,

pharmolo said...

Not impressed with your treatment Lisa, I continue to be appalled that they don't realise what fluid overload actually means. It means that Lasix does not work when taken by mouth, and they have to go to another drug (rolls eyes). And the BP is not being addressed? Oh dear. Well, I hope against hope that someone realise the severity of your condition.

dca721 said...

Awww Lisa,
I am so worried about you.
The doctors I have encountered where my Mom is at.
Seems to me is all they are concerned about it poppint their head in the room for one moment
so that they can make a charge.
She is leaving the facility today and being taken to a rehabilitation center.
I hope that works for her.
Glad she's getting out of that hospital.
All the Doctors there had their heads up their asses and really do believe that they are better than us people who aren't Doctors.  My Mom was uncomfortable on a bedpan when her Dr. came in and she told me "sorry, I don't do that"
I didn't do that because she is hard to lift and I was afraid to lift her and hurt.
Luckily the aide came.  These girls are angels on earth, from what I've observed they get treated by the people at the hospital with higher jobs as though they are scum.
The nurses work very hard too.  Most were nice.  There were a couple I wouldn't ;have minded taking things out side and having a few go rounds with them...that's right...kick their ass in my Mom's Name.  I am proud of you that you went to the ER.  Did you drive yourself.  
Maybe once babies leave you shoud go back there and tell them you are not leaving until they address your water retention problem.  I can so understand how tired you are and why you would n't want to go back there Lisa.  I am glad that you got to see your Grandbabies.
Nena loves you so much and she is probably so tired that it is hard on her to get them gathered up to see you.  I know how much she loves you, I've seen her comments in her journal.  She would never do anything intentionally to hurt you.  She's gotta be so tired, she just gave birth,
plus moving and worrying about you her dear Mom.  I am happy she brought the boys over to see you dear.
Take care.  We in J-Land are all worried about you.
I love you,.

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa please call the doctor that sent you to the ER, even being a weekend, they would have an answering service personnel available who could be touch with him.  Keep those feet up as much as you can in the meantime.  I can't recall short of rereading all your previous messages, but have any of your doctors been a Cardiologist for just pulmonary and regular doctors.  You need a Cardiologist for the heart for sure.  Sure doesn't help with everything else you have going on healthwise dear, just hope you can get the right help soon.  Was anyone with you when you went to the ER, you need someone with you that can talk with the doctor, ask questions and see that you get the help you need.  Take care. Arlene (AJ)

siennastarr said...

Lisa, I am so worried about you!  You must get this CHF under control!  You are basically drowning in your own fluids!  That's why you are so short of breath!  I can't believe that the ER would let you go home in that condition!  You need to be hospitalized, and that fluid needs to leave your body.  This is so dangerous for you, Lisa.. it really is.  I wish I were there to speak for you, because you can bet your ass I would!!
Please don't let those doctors blow you off that way!  You need to be hospitalized.. at least that's my opinion, from what you have written here in your journal.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, Lisa..

Gentle hugs