Friday, June 27, 2008

~Am I really awake?

Not alot has changed since the last that I have written.
It's hard to believe that so very much has happened in such a short amount of time. I don't even know what day it is until I sign on to AOL. The night before, I had urinated so much in the middle of the night, that it went all the way through to my air thingies. You have to unzip every layer of the bed, and all of it is washable except down where the air chambers are. It was maybe 2:00 in the morning. It's been awhile since I've done that. I tried to get the stuff off the bed but I couldn't. I did yell for help to get down to where it ended then I could work from there cleaning it. Believe me, I'm not at all saying that I am ungrateful at all. I asked for more help just to get the layers unzipped, and that was a clear and definite no. He went ahead to work while I was doing my best to get this done.
At noon is when my home health aide comes, and I had an assessment with my case manager. I felt so bad that she was the one that had to clean up that mess. She did it and had all of my laundry done.I couldn't have thanked her enough.
My case manager was doing some phone calls yesterday for me. She was able to get my test strips for me free of charge....Yay! They cost so much. She also needs me to get my doctor to either call and speak with her, or fax her a script of medicine for my diabetes. Yes, another new diagnosis. Imagine that. lol  So...that's one of the things I plan on doing today. And to call and get the Miami County Human Services Directory. It has all of Miami County's phone numbers! That would be good to have.
I'm swollen again. This is odd to me but, the day before I start swelling up...the bottom of my hands are dry. I just find that a bit odd. I don't know if that is something that others have as well. But I do know I've been having problems with the C.O.P.D. emphysema! We have a refrigerator on our back mud room. And that's were all of the drinks go. I went back the to grab a water and as soon as I opened the door, it just hit me bad. As if I ran into a thick sauna. I hurried as fast as I could and back in again. And to let Madia out too. She'll play this game with me, her treats are out there too....she'll come to me to let me know, and it's like she really needs to go and fast. :o) I go to let her out, but it was her game! LOL She'll stop right at were they are and look at me then her treats! lol She keeps me laughing. :o)
I pretty sure I overused my inhaler yesterday. And that's without being out side. My chest was just killing me. I was also having a bad day with the fibromyalia. gggrrr It's just a big OUCHIE! And a bit of the MS as well. Geesh! I have some electrical shock feeling going through my body and it makes me jolt. Not having full control of my own body. It even makes me 'grunt' sometimes too. It's hard to explain.
Ok...on TV when you see someone in a hospital getting the defibrillators and the body jumps.Thats just like the electical shooting that I have.
Yesterday...I was walking and I had one of those hit me a good one! LOL I think it's funny how they happen. My body just did a vertical flip. :o) It was funny how my body reacted! LOL Geesh!
I really don't like being alone all day. It is scary. I've been dizzy again and thats a recipe for a good fall. My nurse popped in as wall yesterday. lol...she's so sweet! :o) I was sitting in my bed eating watermellon for my lunch. And here my sliding door opens up and she peeked in at me. :o) I told her to come on in, it was cooler in my room. :o) She just needed to see my home health aide for the last part of my assessment. I let her know that she had just left. I felt so bad for her. She came over to me and gave me a big hug. :o) I really like thisnurse. :o) Such a sweety. I did let her know when my home health aide comes, so she doesn't have to keep coming, and she's not here. Bless her heart. :o)
I also managed to cut my self 3 times and in such different areas. :o) I seen blood on my night gown and I started looking, yep, the one on my foot, one on top of the other foot and one on my thumb knuckle. LOL I just have to laugh...I'm usually doing something and I "get wounded" somehow! lol :o)
My mom is that way as well. lol The both of us are alot alike! :o) <waving at you> I really do hope that she can get that card at The Red Cross. I'll even go with her.
Being alone isn't a good feeling at all.
If you've made it this far....I applaud you! lol
Thank you for signing my guest book! Don't forget to after your done! :o) Just on my side bar.
Now I'm going to rest. <uuuggghhhh!> This vehical needs it! :o)
Have a great and fun day!


Here's something to ponder on:

Real isn't how you're made, its how you use it.


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chat2missie said...

I sure hope you have a good weekend.

lanurseprn said...

You should get a waterproof mattress pad. Then, it would be much easier to clean.
Have a good weekend.

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa the waterproof mattress pad sounds like a good idea.  Sorry there is so much tensiion with you and your family and you know who....can't be helping you at all with all you are going through dear.  Hope tomorrow is a better day. Arlene (AJ)

imgr8phil said...

You go through so much Lisa.  I hope the weekend will be better for you.  Take care.


dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I am sorry you didn't get more help with your bed.
I've had to clean for my Mom and it's a big job.
She feels so bad when it happens and we all tell her, she can't help it.
I am stunned with the comment below and needed to tell you that.
I think you live every day to the fullest and for your family also.
Hope you have a better day today (Sat.) past my bedtime.
Love you,

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))That would be a good idea to look into a water proof bed,maybe you should also look into thoes sleep number beds,I know I wish I had one of them.I hate the faact that people put you down and dont help you,yo need someone there to help you and not being alone in your house.I sure hope and pray your Mom helps you.Have a good Sunday.

gehi6 said...

I am sorry I was not able to read this entry with my old eyes.  It was a long one too about your case, so I am sorry I missed it.  I am trying to conclude what has been happening from the other entries.  I am going home to watch the videos at my apt.  I have not been able to get here for 2 or 3 days which is an eternity when someone is ill.  Sorry about the unpleasantness and the lack of support from your mom.  My previous male companion Pierre's ex called and said she was sending someone to move him to where she could take care of him when she learned he had lung cancer.  She was a very bossy woman, but he told her no. He said he would have a bad death if she was looking after him because she would get mad and abuse him.  He hated to burden me since we had to all intents and purposes broken up when I suspected him of infidelity, but nobody else stepped up and we had had a lot of enjoyable times together.  It was a spiritually uplifting experience in many ways, because he had alot of guts when it came to the end. Those who support you will always have the memory of stepping up when they need to. As far as I can see your daughter and son are doing what they can to make you feel valued and loved.  

gehi6 said...

This must be the entry in yellow I could not read on Doc's computer.  I do think you might feel better if you get the diabetes treated and follow the diabetes diet which is what I have been doing since I found out I was running sugar too high for 3 months previous.  Now it is back to normal because I stopped eating all sources of sugar I could.  And I do feel considerably better.  I feel sorry for you because I know when weakness develops how hard it is to handle incontency, etc.  Do you have a commode (movable) by your bed?  People here go to that when they get too weak to get to the bathroom fast.  Hope things go better.  Gerry  

merry1621 said...

Oh Lisa, it doesn't sound like things are going very well for you. I am sorry.  I can only tell you tht you will be in my prayers. Sometimes it's hard to know for sure what you mean, but I think I got the picture this time.  I am concerned about your illnesses mounting up, up, up.  I don't guess worry does anyone good.  But boy, isn't it hard not to do so.  I hope you do not have to undergo any additional demeaning actions. I hope you know what I am talking about.  Merry