Sunday, June 15, 2008

~The last of them.


imgr8phil said...

Just like an alchololic, once an anorexic always an anorexic.  You always have to fight your inner impulses.  You can't help that illness has made you the way you are.  If you had a choice you would be perfect.  We all feel that way.  Just care about what you think about yourself and don't worry what insensitive people may have to say.  Take care.


gehi6 said...

I found these videos to be very interesting.  What I think you should do is set the camera on something in front of you so we can see you as you talk, and this is not long winded at all as far as I am concerned.  AOL videos as it is now called from uncut only does about 2 minutes ones, so what I think you should do is put a longer one on Youtube.  Call it living with life threatening illness or something like that, so that people searching through Youtube can find the topic by tag, whatever.  I think it is important you register yourself in every way you can, not only to keep you alive but to document what is happening to you.  Youtube allows up to 10 minutes, and if you don't want to go that long still put as much as you can about what you are feeling.  I would not pay any attention to critics. I think your illness takes top priority,  So please think about it!  I for one would watch this video with tremendous interest.  It would enlighten me and others, and would be valuable to the world of video. People die in your condition and it is a tribute to your strength that you keep on truckin', love your family, and try to live to the full extent you can.   Gerry