Thursday, June 12, 2008

~A beautiful person, and am very glad to know! :o)

Well...I got up a bit late for me. I must have really needed the extra sleep.
Sorry about yesterday...I just wasn't up to typing at all. I was in bed a lot yesterday. Just taking care of myself.
The 'normal' things of course have been bothering me. Again, nothing that I suffer from hurts as bad as my chest does. Whew...who would have thought. So far, it hasn't stoped hurting all the way yet. My right side stoped but not my left. This pain can stop me right in my tracks! It's a supper big ginormous hurt. It even really hurts to laugh.
I can actually feel my lung and how my heart is beating. My heart doesn't beat like 'normal.' This morning when I woke up, and felt the pain of course, the best that I can describe it is, it feels like both my lung and my heart need to be in a "sling" of some kind. I have way too much time on my hands if I can describe all of this. lol :o)

Just kidding. I love that song. I know I'm going to sound like I'm stuck in the 70's, but hey, Yes, I do want this song played at my funeral, or dusting of my ashes.
Tuesday was such a great day! :o) My mom came over and spent the day with me. :o) She is such a beautiful person, and I'm so glad that I know her. I love spending time with her. We both had things to talk about with each other and it felt great to be able to talk to her. She deffinitly understands me. And I understand her as well. She really wanted to take me to the ER, but we both know what would happen....nothing! And I don't feel ready yet.

Isn't this one the truth?!
Well, my mom and I had a great day. We sat on my bed, wacthing court shows. Thats all thats on during the day for me, I don't like watching those horrid soap opras.
I had made this macironi stuff that my grandma used to make when you weren't feeling good. It made you feel better; Don't know if its a combination as something in it, or just in our heads! :o) Either way, it works and tasts sooooo good. Thats what we had for our lunch.
Dinner time came around and I had the money to buy something. I really love Sonic, so thats where we went. We brought it home because I couldn't take the humid and the heat. I forgot to take my oxigen. When we got home, I did eat at the table. I haven't been because of the chairs and the temp.
Then I got another surprise! A friend of mine came over! YAY! :o) She was only able to stay an hour, but that was fine. :o) She still came. :o) My mom was trying to remember her from when we were young. I tell everyone that she's the one that seen me on my bycycle and got run over by a car, and helped me to get out of the street! We were probably 11 or 12 when this happened. :o) She doesn't remember it, but I'll never forget it. :o) How can you forget an angel that helped you and to this day, has always accepted me for who or what I am. :o)
It was getting late and the time really went so fast. My mom and my friend had to leave. I had so much fun and felt so sucure with my mom. As soon as a class at The Red Cross comes around to be open for her to take, and then we both have to take a skill thingie....then she'll be my Care Giver! YAY! :o) I can't wait!
I'm going to go now. Yesterday isn't worth writing I stayed in bed all day because my chest was killing me.
I do hope that everyone has a wonderful day! Make sure you laugh!



ajquinn354 said...

Lisa glad your Mom was over and your friend came and you got to share time and talk with them both.  I know you are concerned about getting any help at the ER, but if you need it dear you shouldn't keep resisting. If you go by ambulance you'll get prompt service versus just showing up at the ER. The choice is yours though dear, saying you don't feel ready to go to the ER, you don't want to wait until its too late unless you've just become acceptant of your situation and are at peace with that, if so, bless you dear.  Arlene (AJ)

chat2missie said...


elmofromoz said...

Family and Friends are the best medicine

jeadie05 said...

How lovely that you and your Mum are such good friends ,and how nice to have your dear old friend to visit too Jan xx

cuteallison1980 said...

I'm glad you has such a good day.  You deserve a lot more of them.  Hope you have a happy Friday.  Luv ya!


merry1621 said...

Ain't it funny that people DO notice you when you make a mistake.  I loved that one, Lisa.  I am glad you have a Mom that is nearby and can spend time with you.  You need that.  I think we all need a friend like you have, she sounds great.  I don't even want to think about the one that said about missing you if you weren't here tomorrow.  That's scary.  You have some wonderful people in your life & I am glad for you!  Merry

seraphoflove9001 said...

Katy--No, I DO NOT want anyones pity and I DO NOT Feed off of it! All I'm doing is writing what I go through! NO! I DID NOT "Blow" off that book! I DID GET IT from amazon! I've NEVR EVER SAID, OR BELIEVED THAT "I" WAS THE ONLY ONE OUT HERE WITH PROBLAMS!!! I don't know HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO SAY THAT!!! If YOU WOULD READ MY JOURNAL instead of "picking out" what is all WRONG in YOUR eyes, MAYBE YOU would see that "I" have always said that I know that I'm NOT the only one OUT there!!! I DO NOT ALWAYS eat like that!!! Just sometimes certain things sound good, but "I" DON'T ALWAYS "EAT" IT!!! IF all YOU are ever going to DO is to PICK ON ME, TELL "ME" WHAT YOU think is wrong with me, in which I'd like to SEE YOUR CRIDINTUALS IN ALL YOU SAY. It's the people like YOU who wants nothing but a PITY PARTY!!!!! BECAUSE YOU CAME to "MY" journal to make a BIG STINK OVER NOTHING!!!DO YOU LIVE HERE WITH ME? NO!!! THEN YOU have "NO" RIGHT IN TELLING ME WHAT "I" Should be doing and maybe it's really YOU that needs to LISTEN to yourself!!! And I'm NOT going to sit here and listen/read to your CRAP!

gehi6 said...

I am so glad you had a good day with your mom and some time with your friend.  You actually sound better like you got a dose of some supergood medicine.  It is good to hear you that way.  Makes me feel you are holding off the worst with all your might and always find something to cheer you up and make you feel better.  Iam so glad your Mom responded to your need.  Gerry