Thursday, June 19, 2008

~My yeserday

My yesterday was long and painful. I'm back to being dizzy again. I don't understand it. My nurse comes in today and I'll let her know.
I've gained back those 7 pounds! gggrrr! My legs and feet are probably getting ready to swell. I'm starting to know when things are going to happen finally.
Glad this is Thursday. I thought on Monday or Tuesday my mom was going to come over. Maybe to tell me some news about Red Cross.

My son was sent home from work yesterday. They're running out of parts for him to work on. Dh got a call from his boss and I guess they aren't doing very good. His boss said that maybe he can sweep the floors or something so he doesn't have to go down to an 8 hour day. I told him that was nice of him to do.
With my son home, I do feel better when I'm not alone.
I did ask him if he remembered how I want to be done with my body when I die. LOL....He said, without blinking an eye, that I wanted cought on fire and then the rest of me is to be put in the urn! LOL <cought on fire!> So, he remembers! :o)
I know my daughter knows. She has a photogentic mind and doesn't forget it. She can read a licenes plate and remember it! Geesh! If I'm in a store and over the intercom they call out a plate number, lol I don't know if it's mine or not. I forget too quick. :o)

I called my manager yesterday. I wanted to let her know about the agancy that I go through for my nurse and home health aide. They won't let me have physical therapy anymore. Their claim is that it don't help me. And they came up with this without even touching me. No massage or anything and I just would like to know why that was taken from me because it does help me. What they told me when I've called umpteen times is that none of what I have is curable! So! And to call another angancy for it or go to the out patient. I haven't been able to go to my car. I'm not able right now, to walk that far. And I told them that. My case maneger got the samething when she called. I let her know that I'm turning them in to the Better Business Buruo. (sp) Only because they put people in my house that don't know what they're doing or something like my medication goes all wrong. I can't have that. I've finally got a nurse and home healt aide that are doing their job.

Today I'll be bussy. It's Thursday. Nurse, Aide and food delivery is today. 
I'm kind of hoping that my son is here today. I always need help putting the food away. I rotate. The juices and fruits get put in my refridgerator. Then the new will fit where the others were. And my son is good at doing that for me, which if he's not here will take me about 45 minutes to do. No kidding. And when my grandson is here, he loves to help mawmaw too. :o)
I want to thank you again, for signing my "new" guest book! Thank you! :o)
I need to get off of here and rest. God blesses all of you!

Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you."
– Dr. Wayne Dyer




ajquinn354 said...

Lisa glad you son will be there to help you dear, sorry that the job situation is slow right now though for him and DH.  Had to be hard talking with your son, but glad that you did and you should also with all your loved ones.  Wish you could get more health assistance, have you talked with your Doctor about Hospice assistance....know this can be done there or at your home, might bring you comfort from your pain you go through dear. Enjoy and make the most of each day with your loved ones. Take care.  Arlene (AJ)

siennastarr said...


chat2missie said...

Have a good night.

trishaham said...

Honey Bunch I hope you feel better! HAVE A goodnight. Get some rest if you can.


dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I am glad you are reported agency to the Better Business Bureau.
That is outrageous.
Don't worry, I don't know my license plate number either.
I am glad to hear you son was with you today.
Thinking about you .

dca721 said...

I just looked at my comment and saw all my spelling mistakes...geesh!
I am tired and still things I must do before I go to bed...
I am thinking about you and wish you good things.
Your Friend,

mortonlake said...

not  been reading  many journals lately  lisa  so  just  catching  up.   sorry is inadequate how i feel for you.  take care,in my thoughts  mort  xxxx