Monday, June 9, 2008

~Just a few things

I got a big surprise yesterday afternoon. My daughter and the babies! :o) If only she knew how much it helps me to see them all. A medicine I can't describe! :o)
I also had no idea that Andrew smiles and giggles now. It's adorable. :o)
Time seemed to go too fast. I was hoping that we could all go someplace for dinner. Well, instead, I had Taco Bell. It was good, because I love that place but, maybe next time.
I triped last night while I was hold Andrew...Nena was right there, and I use my elbow to protect him. That really upset me. I felt so bad. I was just going to give him to Nena. I'm not going to carry him anymore, I'm too afraid to. I take that as a sign.
Then, I fell up against my bedroom door that leads to in this room. Nena was in here, so she helped me to get up. I have a hudge scratch from my elbow to my wrist. It hurt pretty good. It still hurts.
My chest is still hurting as well. It's my left side. The right side went away, so that means that my left side has to stay and be a problam for me. My pain in my chest went nuts last night when Nena was here. I really don't want the kids to see this. It upset her. :o( After I was able to breath out and I was able to catch a few breathes, I kept getting them each time I could. It feels kind of like all of your air/breath is all gone.
I need to go now. Have a great day! :o)




gehi6 said...

Doesn't sound good what is going on in your chest, but YOU are still there observing your symptoms and thus adding to the general knowledge about life and pain.  I can't wait to go up stairs and in a quiet moment watch Kayden on his musical instruments!  I look at the pics down here and the videos at home.  Gerry

gehi6 said...

No 2.  I just looked at the baby's first photo shoot!  He's so adorable, a big healthy looking babe.  Looks like he might be a bigger kid than Kayden.  Grandma looks so  happy to be holding him.  A nice present from your daughter to see her and your grandkids, each moment is precious.  Gerry

ajquinn354 said...

Oh don't give up holding your beautiful grandchildren, just be sitting when you do - I know they bring such joy to your heart dear and brighten your days. You've got 2 beautiful grandsons, you're indeed blessed. Just wish you'd call the ambulance and have them take you to the ER, you'd get fast service and hopefully something to help. Just feel bad knowing you feel so badly dear.  Bless you...Arlene (AJ)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))I love the pics,they are so cute.They look so very happy.No wonder,Kayden and Andre are medicine for you.I am sorry you almost fell with Andrew.But,I know you wont being able to not hold Him.Pryaing for you.Love you lots.

momiscool2 said...

Your Grandchildren are good medicine for you Lisa- don't stop holding him- just doing it sitting down so you won't lose balance!!!
They are beautiful!!!
I am keeping you in my daily prayers.
I'm so sorry you are in so much pain!