Sunday, June 1, 2008

~Need to log

When I got off line this morning, I took a nap. I got up at 3:15! Wow! I kow my body needs it. And now, here I am awake.
Dh went and baught some more curtain rods. I got new curtains and I thin they're cute. I know they'll brighten up this room alot.
We also changed my sheets. Thats a hudge chore for me. Thankful he was here. I have one of those feathure pillow for my bed. My son went upstares to get it for me. I keep it with a 'pillowcase' thats made for them. It really needed washed, so my son did it for me. I really appreciate everything both dh and my son did for me today. Dh was a bit talkitive (SP) today and I really enjoyed it. :o) Last night and yesterday, I was crying because of the pains. I have Biofreeze and some Lidoderm (SP) patches, and I'm allowed to have 3 on at a time. I don't know what happened, because I was fine most of the day. My daughter came over with my grandbabies. They really cheer me up. And of course my daughter as well. :o) I was sitting in my chair and something started to feel like took a hugde knife and stabed me right in my right side and write through my ribs! I excused my self and got in bed and the pain was getting worse.
I'm so thankful that I had the biofreeze and Lidoderm. One of my doctors wanted me to not use those patches because it would mess with a pill I was taking. Glad I didn't throw them away.
When I was in my room crying and felt like hitting something. But when Kayden would come tears stoped for him. :o) He asked me if I was alright. How sweet is that. :o)
When they left, dh was rubbing my upper right side and back towards my spine. That pain was so's very hard to describe it. He put the pacthes on where we both thought. I could feel the edge coming off. It helped abit for my sleep. My pains have been keeping me up lately.
Dh put my sheets on my bed and over the fitted sheet is were I like it, then put the flat sheet. I did my pillows. :o) It felt good. He did the samething for me with the patches and the cream. He said that he was going to try and get me out of the house this weekend. I couldn't. So, instead of going some place, He had me right down what I wanted. There was a carniville at one of the cathlic churh always has. We have always went to it because we know alot of the people there. But I couldn't just use my cane.
Dh had planned to take me places this weekend. I cried again. this time happy tears. :o)
He has really helped me this weekend. And it really helped alot.
My whole body is still swollen, and I had printed out information a good friend sented to me. He read it and. From the both of use, Thank you Jakie and Pam!
All day, I've been feeling kind of odd. Never felt this way before like this. I feel like I have a bunch of people around me and when I walk. It's putting weight on on my shoulders. I'm still having those electrical things. They're getting worse! I was walking to the kitchen and in the hallway, I felt it happen, but it was so strong, it pushed me....I grabed on to my walker.
It really seemed like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone. no
I know I'm all over the's soooo hard to write then forget what you were going to wright. Oh well. :o)



chat2missie said...

I hope you have a good pain free Monday!

specialadyfink said...

Glad he is helping you for a change.So sorry you couldn't get out-it may have been good to get out in the fresh air and out of the house.
Hugs my friend

zoepaul6968 said...

wow alot of pain for you there,but it sounds like the patches bring some relief,youre doing ok hun keep with it all the best zoe xx

lanurseprn said...

Sorry you didn't go to the carnival. Those are always fun to go to. Maybe next time.
New sheets are like Heaven to me! Enjoy them!
Hope you have a good day.

siennastarr said...

You're welcome, Lisa... but, I still worry about you so much!  I still think you need to be hospitalized..   I'm so sorry that you are having such pain.  
Do you have a wheelchair?  If you don't, perhaps you should look into getting one.  Since it's so hard for you to breath when you walk, at least someone could push you, with your oxygen on, and you could still enjoy getting out of the house.  Something to think about, eh?


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))))))))I am so sorry you have been in so much pain,like I have said before,i wish I could take it away for you.I hate to see you in so much pain.I wish there was a strong pain med you could take,that would take it all away for you and you wouldnt feel anything.You are a very strong person,yopu go through so much,you deal with it all the time.I am glad your Son and Dh are there to help you.I am glad that you have your Daughter and your Grandbabies to come and cheer you up.Just know,that I am always praying for you and I love you!

gehi6 said...

Hmm, these symptoms are something else. And the sensation of having a lot of people around you.  I wonder if you do, that you can't see.  It seems like your pains are really serious when they happen like this, but you are being so brave in trying to describe them and to stay functioning and communicating throughout.  You have a lot of clarity with what you describe.  Gerry