Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~A video entry


ajquinn354 said...

Lisa glad your Mom is coming and you two are going to have a good talk, know this is not a good time for you with all your health troubles, just wish there was some help for you to feel better dear.  Bless you. Arlene (AJ)

sugarsweet056 said...

I seldom watch videos, they're usually too long. But I knew with you being ill, I needed to watch it, glad I did. My heart goes out to you my sweet friend. Glad your Mom is coming, hope you two can have a good talk. Is there only 1 hosp where you live, if not, go to a different one! You need help!!! I can't believe the hospitals, Drs, Home Health... none are getting you what you need! Makes me mad at them! Sending up prayers for you, & hugs to your house.
God bless,

momiscool2 said...

I'm glad your mom is coming to be with you.
I am keeping you in my prayers.


chat2missie said...

Heres hoping you have a good day.

merry1621 said...

I hope your Mom brought you peace of mind, anyway, Lisa.  I'm sorry for you; and you are always in my prayers.  Merry

yoursunshine08 said...

I like your blog its really cool! i hope you'll feel better soon!
Brittney- :]