Friday, November 5, 2004

ditto. :o(

Last night, my back was hurting so badly, it felt as if someone was pushing a knife in me! It was hurting so bad! :o( The "knife" pain, in my opinion, is the worst pain in my back that I can have. It just takes my breath away. I went to bed at 9:00 last night. I felt so exhausted. It just cames on real fast. The next thing I remember is, doing things in my sleep again! I even got out of bed, and started to sleep walk! :o( That is so dangerous for me. Well, it was before all of this fibro stuff happened too. But, my knees have been going out of place, and I've been falling, and the way my back feels, it would give out, if I didn't use my walker. My legs are so weak. I feel like I'm at least 95 years old! I even rested yesterday. It just doesn't matter when it comes to this fibromyalgia. It seems to get you know matter what. Getting up at 3:30 this morning is going to make for a long day for me. Great! Just what I need!

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