Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Amazing how pain runs your life!

Well, I got up way too early this morning. 2:00 a.m.! :o( You see, it doesn't matter how tired or sleepy you are, what seems to matter is the pain you are in. Thats what controls my life. It's so amzing how that works.

Yesterday, I did some more work on the house. My husband was home, so he helped me with a few things. I did things that consisted of putting things away while being able to sit down. My son and daughter have helped me so much! :o) Actually, there's not that much more that needs to be unpacked. YAY! It's just putting it away thats the hardest. My back hurts so badly. I feel like crying. My feet still hurt the same. My left leg and knee cap are the worst, besides my back. If I wouldn't have fallen, I'd be in a little less pain right now. Gee...I wonder what woke me up?! PAIN! I'm having a few spasms in my neck, shoulders, legs, and my arms. My eyes are even hurting a little worse. It hurts to move them. Eye drops do not help. None of my medicines are helping anymore. Something I have to live with. I did, however, find new information yesterday morning on why my jaw bone had been swollen. I'm going to print it out, and take it to my doctor. I'll let my dentist know as well. This morning I'm going to go with my daughter to her doctor. I hope she has gained weight. To me, it appears that she has. :o) I'm doing my best! :o)

I'm doing my best....is all I can do with my life. :o)


hatslocks said...

Hello,I wish I could say I simply empathize,but actually I understand,I have been in the same boat for 3 years now.I am lying in bed,contliplating my day,hmmm,can I hold off on taking the pain meds? when will I get a brief reprieve from this pain?My husband is home tonight at 6:o0 will I be able to get out of bed and talk to him tonight? maybe the kids will clean the house for me.........again?.I have a journal also,I am trying the Guaifenesen protocol,I am in so much pain,and there has to be something we can do about this illness,I hope you get better,I will pray for you,I understand what you are going thru.


hatslocks said...

I forgot to give you my link I will try to e-mail it if you dont get it it is in journals under Guaifenesen,be well

seraphoflove9001 said...

I want to thank you for responding. I might have said this before, but, I get so many e mails from people that either tell me how "extremely stupid" I am, or, that I have to be making all of this up! Not true. I'm so sorry to hear about yours as well. There really should be more information out there for others to "know" what we with fibromyalgia are going through. Gentle hugs to you. :o)