Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Getting better.

Yesterday was a bad day for my fibro. The cold that I have flared it up! Great!!!! At least now, the cold just isn't in my head and sinuses now! It's in my chest, too!!! YAY! Fun fun! Add on a full day of nothing but rain to all of this too! That always helps! This has really set me back. I'm so weak, and with my knees going out of place, I fall! My back is killing me. My hips, my arms, well, just say now that my whole body is in PAIN! Yesterday, in my muscles, if anyone has ever had a TENS unit on them, thats what I was feeling in my legs and my arms all day yesterday!!! On top of all of the other pain, then add that...OUCH! I'm going to put a little sign on the front door, that will read; "If you're sick, go home!" Sad that I would have to do that. You'd think some people would have the common sence to stay home! One thing that I made sure I did yesterday, was to vote! If I had to crawl, I would have. The rest of the day, I was in bed. I'm really trying to get rid of this shit, so on Thursday, I can have my physical therapist come over to massage me. But, since I've been sick, that takes away from me as well!!!!!! Thanks again! :o(

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