Thursday, November 25, 2004

What a fool I can be! LOL

Ok....I am in the one of the worst pain that I have been in a awhile. It has been raining here for a fewdays in a row. Plus, we have been moving as well. On Tuesday, my daughter and I stayed at a Hotel with a hot tub in the room. Boy did that feel good on my back! :o) I stayed in that thing for as long as I could! :o) Then yesterday, I had went to the old house to pick up the dog, and I was coming out of the house and to my car. I did it...I fell because of all the mud! I had a feeling that I would, because of all the rain, and how muddy our old yard gets. Down I went, landing on my left knee, and my lower leg bending towards the left! A way that a leg isn't suppose to do! OUCHIE! My knee went out of place again, and I had to just lay there until I could get my knee cap back in place. Then my husband picked me up and put me in my car. I have some pretty bad pain in my hip and thigh as well. Plus, when I landed, I tried to catch myself with my left Can't be done! left arm hurts as well. Shooting sharp pain going down to my foot and then back to my knee. I don't think I broke anything this time. The last time I fell, I broke my right ankle last year. Whew! But, the good news more packing!!! YAY! Now the unpacking. :o) Wish me luck.

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