Thursday, November 18, 2004

.....oh well.

Well....this morning I got up a little too early again. Which will make for a long day for me. My feet really seem to be one of the worst pain I've been having. I've never experianced this one before. Again, what do I do for them? I have no idea. My sides have little muscle lumps in them as well, by my ribs. As well as all of the usual pain I have, my back, shoulders, front of shoulders, legs, knees, and my arms. The only thin I know to do is to just sit here. I'm trying to take care of my feet by keeping them up, and trying to stay off of them. I'm trying to stay painless for the big move. How? I already feel useless. Just sitting around and not doing anything isn't good for you. And I hate it! Oh well. Thats my life with this horrid disease.

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