Friday, November 19, 2004

A grea time. :o)

Yesterday morning didn't start out very well. Getting up too early is hard on me. I took a nap, and it helped. When I got up, my son had laready been home, and was coming back from the new house with the vacuum. He got off of wrok at 1:00. Shortly afterwards, my husband came home. Then we went over, and I took a few photo's with my digital. The house is so much cleaner then it was! But, there is still a bad smell were the previous owners cat sprayed. It just takes my breath away. It's even in the basement. While we were there, my best friend came over to see the house. :o) Of course, we have about the same taste, so she loved liked I do! :o) Then, after my husband installed a new kitchen faucet, we left to get something to eat. She and I were going to go get Chineese, but, Red Lobster sounded a whole lot better! :o) I have not been that full in months! Whooo! Then we went to a new store in town, where her daughter works, an animal store. They had such cute puppies! There is a bird that my girl friend is getting for Christmas, and she was able to get it out. She was holding it, well, it was walking on her. lol Then, I held it. It likes silver and gold things, so It went for my bracelets. It was a really nice and cool bird! Then I came home, and my daughter called me. She was very upset because she lost a very expensive pink diamond ring that her boyfriend got her on Sweetest Day. :o( I felt so bad for her. She thinks it might have fell off while bagging a sack for someone. It would be nice if the person that finds it, does return it for her. What a day that was! :o) It really turned out so much better then it seemed like it would. :o) The bottoms of my feet are still hurting. Of course, my back, and all of the above. But, I got to get out of this house!!!! YAY!!! It was so nice!

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