Saturday, November 6, 2004

What a night! :o)

Last night, my daughter and her boy friend came up for a visit. :o) She was going to spend the night, because we had plans to go shopping! Her boy friend came this morning to pick her back up. I had a blast last night! lol I have so much fun with her! :o) Well, we both have so much fun together! :o) I wanted to by her a pair of maternity pants, and some baby things. :o) I origianlly wanted to get her a baby book. I couldn't find any! I will have to look in the next town to us. We don't have many stores here. But, we had fun looking at all the baby things! Things sure have changed since I had my children! lol Prices too! :o) I bought her a pack of new born t-shirts, a night gown to bring the baby home in, and a little lamb finger puppet! The baby's last name will be Lamb! :o) And a pair of after bath slippers! I had too, they were just too cute! lol Boy, we both were worn out by the time we were done. I got home, and felt as if I was going to just drop. Litterally! I changed into my night clothes, and tried to watch a movie with her, but I couldn't. I had to go to bed at that moment. So I did. Today, I'm in so much pain. :o( I really pushed my self way too far this time. But, it was all worth it. :o)

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drgnfly3451 said...

Shopping is quite an event for us, isn't it? I use to shop til I dropped , which back then meant after 6-7 hours of non-stop shopping! Now, I am lucky if I can get through my grocery list and back home without passing out from the fatigue  and/or the pain! And I am only 53! People look at me and cannot see the pain so I must look ridiculous to them when I am walking like I have just been hit by a train!