Sunday, September 4, 2005

I haven't written in a few days because I'm in so much pain, I'm not on the computer very much right now. I know I've been way beyond a 12. This has been by far the worse for me to take from this disease. My town is having a Heritage Festival, and I love to go every year. My mom and sister came over and took my daughter and I out there. I took my walker but for got my wheel chair for just in case. I had so much fun! :o) But, I am paying for it. I can't describe my pain. I left when I felt I needed to so I wouldn't push myself too far. I guess it wasn't enough. If my pain scale had a 20 on it, I would say that thats what I am right now. I tried everything that I could think of doing last night to try to ease the pain. I've ran out of ideas. I would love to be able to sit in a hot tub, I know that would help my body so much. I honestly didn't think that this disease would get worse. I guess it does. I haven't been able to get back down to a 7 in so long. I know you can't die from fibromyalgia, but the pain is the killer. Keep up with your uplifting comments, they really do keep me going! :o) God bless you all. :O)


dianneclewien said...

I can't say for certain I understand the pain you are in but I know my own is getting worse and will continue to do so. I have begun having bad muscle spasms in my back and legs. They are worse at night to the point where I can not get comfortable to sleep. The Mortin is not working. I am so afraid I am quickly getting to the point where I am going to have get something from the DR to hold the pain to a minimum. I find more and more the arms are heavy and hurt to move them. As these "disease" progresses I see things that I don't know how they will get done, like the mowing, heavy cleaning in the house. There are times it hurts me to drive.
I can say that getting in a hot shower does help me for a time. But once the muscles start to cool back off the pains returns.
I do not look forward to winter as I once would have. I dearly love winter time but now know that the cold is going to make the pain worse. I wish I had an answer for the both of us.
Hang in there the best you can. And ask for help when you need it, I know I certaintly do.

llittleloft02 said...

I hate to see you in so much pain and i wish i could take it away from you , or at least ease the pain from you ... I pray for you everyday that God will help you with the pain , You are always in my thoughts and I do hope you get back to a 7 like you was , Always here for you ,  hope you know this ... I am so thankful that Nena and Jeremy is there to help you when you need it . Always on my mind and in my Prayers ..

misswings60 said...

I am so sorry honey your in so much pain, I wish I could take it away from you,like I did when you were a little girl. Remember honey,I would kiss your boo boo's and make them better. I so wish I could do that for you now. My heart goes out to you sweetie. I'll continue to pray for that miracle honey. I believe God will answer soon. I love you baby girl.