Sunday, September 18, 2005

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I scanned some photos this morning to share. :o) These photo's show my pride and joy! :o) My kids and my grandson! :o) They are the ones that do take some time out to talk to me when I'm in my bed. :o) Even my son. Too bad I don't get emails anymore, just forwards. I don't get phone calls anymore. Just because I write in this journal doesn't mean that I write down everything about me. Sometimes it would be nice to hear from others and an occasional personal email. Yes, I've written and have called. But either no come back or too busy. Same as with a phone call, not enough time. Just because I do have these people living with me, doesn't mean that I always have someone around me and someone to talk to. These pictures mean a lot to me. And so does my family.

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dianneclewien said...

What a little angel Kayden is. I am so glad you posted some pictures of you and your daughter as well. You have a very fine looking family there. I hope they appreciate you as much as you do them.