Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a better day. Not pain wise, but being able to talk to someone. :o) I really want to thank someone special for giving me a call yesterday. :o) You really got my mind working with all of the information that you gave me, and listening to me. :o) You made the rest of my day so uplifting. :O) I felt that I had lifted so much off of my chest. Thank you so much! :o) I also want to thank another special friend of mine for coming over to visit me and bringing her mom over too! :o) I had so much fun. :o) You have a wonderful mother. :o) They also gave me very good advise as well. Especially on how to eliminate a lot of the stress in my life. Their advice was basically what I was going to do anyway. But it felt good to hear it from others. The pain is still the same, just a different day. I don't have much planned to do today, just think on how I'm going to get rid of all are most of my stressers. I have to, because I have to take care of me, and no one else really knows how I truly feel with this pain and when there is stress put on me, how much more I hurt. If I hurt peoples feelings, very sorry. It all needs to be done for my own health. If you don't understand, then I feel that you didn't really care in the first place. Just being honest. I don't know how many times I've either have said, or given strong hints to them, and this time since it hasn't stopped, or hasn't calmed down, sorry. I need to stop putting everyone else before me. With that said; Gentle hugs to you all. :o)

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