Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ok....What I write in my journal is about my life. No one else lives my life. If you do not like what you read, then don't read it. I write what goes on in my life, to explain WHY I am in some of the pain that I am in. No, I do not blame others for my pain, it's called fibromyalgia! Again, to make everyone else happy, I went through and deleted some of the entrys. Again, I am making other people happy, and thinking of them, and not me. Thanks for trying to make me feel like I'm such a terrible person for writing in my journal and what goes on in my life. Again, this is MY life not yours, so you do not know what I do go through with certain people. Of course they will write in a comment, but since you do NOT know the truth, and I do, does NOT give you the right to boldly tell me what and how I should write my journal either! I don't blame anyone for the pain I am in, ever. Ok? This is a journal, and I use it to get stuff off of my chest to help make me feel better. Maybe intead of writing comments in my journal, you should do the same.

I slept really good last night. I am in more pain then I was yesterday. But, that just goes with this disease.

Sorry for being so angry this morning, but I am so tired of people telling me how and what I should write in my own journal! Please stop it, and if you don't like what you read, move on, and stop leaving comments like you have!


dianneclewien said...

Why do you feel the need to make other people happy, when they act like it's no big deal to them that you are in pain?
I would write what I want to write and to  hell with anyone that doesn't like it.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Did you read the other comments? I'm just so tired of others that don't know me think that they "know" what is going on in my life, and can tell me what to write. No, I'm not "uplifting" everyday...I don't feel like that everyday. I guess my journal to someone just isn't as uplifting to them anymore. Oh well. Thank you for understanding. I am for now on just going to block those people that want to do nothing but put me down for what I write. :o)

llittleloft02 said...

I AGREE TOTALLY . I have seen what happens in your life and  I know you are in alot of pain , and if people don't like what you write then move on . but i like reading what you  write , I get So Mad when people who don't know you think they do well , i like to see them in your shoes , Lisa  I support every thing you do and if anyone hurts you they hurt me also . So i dare anyone to write bad things about you ..


sab2925 said...

Hi, You and I have passed a lot of e-mail and most of the time we agree on everything . Since the passing of my husband my pain has been higher than ever but i just quit careing what outside friends think. If they only knew what the pain was they,that we go through they would find there mild hangnail pain not even worth talking about. I think you know what i mean. Hope to hear from you soon. ;) Keep your chin up, if you dont it only causes wrinkles;)