Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Well, yesterday's tests were so grueling. I had to MRI first. Laying on my back really hurts me. Got through that one without too much more pain added to me. Then I had to have the x-rays. OMG!!!! Laying on that hard table made my eyes automatically cry because of the pain was so bad. She had me in there for almost an hour and 20 minutes, the MRI only took about a half an hour. I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it. The next test was a DEXA, I think thats what it was called. Again, laying on a hard table. By that time, my body was in so much pain, I felt that I was getting dizzy and numb. That test lasted about a half an hour. Then I was done. Whew! I couldn't walk. I had my wheel chair. When I got home, my mom made my bed for me. :o) Thanks mom. :o) I asked my husband if there would be anyone that could help with getting me a hot tub room at one of the Hotels in town. He found someone! :o) OMG!!! I get to go and check in today, and I can't wait! :o) He seen how much pain I was in, and told me that he has never seen me this way, and it really bothered him. So, I get to sit in a hot tub to help get better today, and tomorrow. :O) I would never want anyone to ever feel what this pain that I'm going through, ever. God bless you all and gentle hugs. :O)

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misswings60 said...

Oh baby,I'm so glad for you. I only hope it makes you feel better. I also hope your not alone either. Wish I could be with you honey to help you.
I love you honey.