Monday, April 24, 2006

A bit better.

I was able to talk to two of the people that I've really needed to talk to yesterday.....which at first I didn't think I'd be able to do so. I have so much on my mind, you wouldn't believe. I talked to my husband about my health and my future as it is and will keep progressing. He understood...which help me out and really eased my mond up so much about my health and what to do. He will back me. :o) I thanked him for this. :o) I don't know how much longer it will be before I'll be wheel chair bound, so I need to get so many things done now. I was also able to talk with another person that I needed to talk to as well. That got more off my mind....but still am worried about my daughter and grandson. Thats just being a mom and grandmother. I just don't want to see her make the same mistakes that I had done in my past, that was wasted years that you can never get back. Be happy, not miserable.
Today I have a lot of thinking to do as to what I will be doing for my future. My physical therapist will be here and my home health aid, so I can ask them a few questions. They should know some resources for me. That will help a great deal.
Enough for now. God bless all of you! :o)

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