Friday, April 7, 2006

A heaviness waying on me.

I believe that GOD has put a heaviness on our hearts. There is something out there that my daughter really needs and may not be able to afford it. So.... with this, I have prayed and we believe GOD has lifted the heaviness when we prayed. We know that we can get so much by helping them, but money will never give us the pleasure that the smiles of their new home can give. Just to see the joy it will bring, is a good enough price for us. We are so happy for them and so very proud of them. We feel if you want out of debt, help someone else get out of debt. It's all about GIVING. Give your love, thoughts, prayers, time, whatever God is speaking to you to give - Just do it and watch what GOD does in his favors.

I love the Lord and I want to be the BEST CHRISTIAN I can be, I want to sew as many seeds as I can to bring those in darkness through to the light and I know through our Lord Jesus he will help me to do this.Love those who seem hard to love, help those who can't seem to get out of their own. Let GOD deal with their revelations........your job is to LOVE !!!!!! Find it in your heart and prayer to love one another as you would yourself. The waiting game - it's the LORD's test of patience. Something I am in dire need of like my medical equiptment to help my health and my duaghter's first house. But I will pass this test. Be STILL, What would Jesus do? He would help out his fellow man and neighbor. Would he stand by and watch someone in dire need go without, while you have all your needs and wants? In time.....patience is what it is. What could be better then something for me.....I know...seeing my daughter getting her needs met. :o) We as a family have so much love and happiness. To me, happiness is believing in God, loving someone that's not always easy to love, Giving when your heart tells you to, having lots of everything you dream of....happiness is anything you want it to just have to want it. :o) Even though when you have to work hard for your needs. My daughter's boy friend works his butt off for his family. Because he wants to give them their needs. You have to work hard for what you need. Need and want are two very different things. God knows what you "need." And thats what you live off of...your needs..not your "wants" or living off of someone else. After praying with my daughter...we have felt the heaviness lift! :o) God bless you all...and thank you all for your comments...have a great day! :o)

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