Thursday, April 6, 2006

Nothing much......

Well.....This really hasn't been a very good day at all...not for me nor my daughter. :o( They had looked at a house, and were going to buy it and the man told them they had it and now they don't. :o( They are first time buyers and were looking so forward to this new home. But, as some say...first come, first serve.
My day was spent in pain, and a bit hurt and upset for my daughter. Stress sure dosen't help matters any with my body. long as others get what they want, I guess thats all that matters.
Need to go now, my daughter is here and she needs some help right now. God bless you all.


sweetestsin52605 said...

Yes it does suck monkey ass mom!! That was in our price range too. We aren't rich or anything where we can go out and buy a house then build one and ruin dreams out there. Oh well. We are still looking and we will get one with a bath tub and just a little bigger for us. I will admit, I did not like walking up the stairs. Wish us luck!! I love you and thank you so much for your help.

seraphoflove9001 said...

You're will always have me and God on your side! :o)