Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who knows......

I had once again another doctors appointment yesterday...but this time with my sleep specialist. <sigh> Welllll.....he had the results of my EEG! Go figure! The results are that I didn't have any sezuire activity during the test. Thennnnn....he put me on another medication! This time for my restless leg syndrome. Lets hope this will help. I'm tired of being put on new meds. and then taken off of these meds. and put on these meds....and so on. Geesh! I'm confused with my medications this week. gggrrrr Is if I need more confusion?! lol :o) I've been having way too much in my life going on lately, and I surley don't need anything more to add to it. I have a big decision to make for myself, and I have my daughter on my mind pretty hard. My heart hurts for her and my grandson. :o( I pray for them all the time, and to keep watch over them. I upset. I do nothing but worry about them both. :o( On Tuesday I borrowed some money off of my mom, so my grandson could have his baby food and he needs clothes and p.j.'s! And guess who seems to be the one to take care of and my husband! I will not stand by and see this happen! I just can't. :o( He now has a few more sets of outfits and p.j.'s. :o) And my husband gave my daughter $50.00 last Thursday so she could get and outfit and a church outfit for Easter Sunday. She doesn't have anything as well. :o( My heart hurts bad. She came over the night before last just to get away! I don't blame her one bit. She's still not getting the help that she needs from the "sperm donor" of my grandson that she lives with! gggrrr! I wish I could do more for them. I know God is watching over them both. God bless them both!
I suppose thats all for now. God bless you all. :o)

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