Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok...more things I have medically.....typing through tears so bare with me..

Yesterday I called my doctor about my fall and that feeling I've been having in my head. Well.....I went in and I have to have a 24 hour EEG tomorrow. Nothing to it, I've had those before too. Then I found out some of the results from my CT scan x-rays and MRI's. Ok...let me try and get all of this straight...I have a seizure disorder, fibromyalgi, 3 sleep disorders, progressive ms, ostioperosis, 5 tumores on my spins, maybe more, and now I found out that I have ostioarthritisis, hypertrophic spurs on my vertibras and getting more, and narrowing of the mid-thoratic disks. Which when the ostioperosis happens, it will make my disks come down onto my nerve. Which will cause so many other things. My spine is also detirating. Meaning I'm not going to have a spine. He asked me when I will be getting my electirc wheel chair because he said that I really need to have it asap! So...after hearing all of this...my nerves are so shot and I'm REALLY having a hard time swollowing this one! Because I know the outcome of this. :o( So I'm just going to enjoy every minute of my life while I have it. I think I have now figured out why God has given me all of this...He needs another Angel with Him. :o) God bless you all. :o)

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