Saturday, August 6, 2005

A better day.

Yesterday ended up to be a little better day. Not pain wise, but some help. :o) My daughter did her chores, and helped me with my room. :o) My son came home, and I asked him he he would just help with the heavey things and to put things up above in my closet. He did. Now, I have room in here so I won't trip and fall over things. :o) But again, it's always my daughter and I that are the ones that do the things in this house when we both could use others help. With everyone's work times, it makes it a bit hard. So, it leaves the two weakest one's to do the rest. But I think she really kicked butt! :o) And my son with getting things put up in the closet. Now I don't have to worry about trying to do that. I did push myself a little too hard though. But it really needs to get done. No matter when or who I ask to help me with things like this situation, it seems to be different then asking for help to walk me or carry my purse and help me out with my walker. Everyone will jump at that. But as soon as I ned help with things like this room, it's a totally differnt story. It's always been this way ever since I've been diagnosed. When I lived in our other house, I was moved into this large room and it served as my bedroom and for my computer and crafts. I felt so isolated. I had the same problems there as well. If I needed something done or help, I felt ignored. I guess it hasn't changed. But, when we lived there, it was just my husband and my son and I. And my mom would come over more often to help me as well. So, oh boy...I am in a lot of pain this morning because of what I had to do yesterday. But, I feel that it was worth it...I know it may take days to feel better, but at least most of this room is done. :o) That helps a person feel better as well, when you can feel comfortable in a room thats not clutered. ;o) I want to thank everyone for your advise! It honestly does help me. :o) Gentle hugs to you all, and God bless you. :o)

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missboogerhead said...

I am sorry that I was hard on your daughter.  I do understand.  I didn't mean to sound harsh, I obviously wasn't feeling very well when I wrote that.  I appologize.  I am sorry!
~Miss O