Sunday, August 14, 2005

Just another day in my life.

All I did yesterday was rest and stayed inside. It felt so good. The kids were not home, and it gave me a chance to relax more then I would have been. I miss them though. :O) They all come back home today. :o) Yes, I am still having all of the pain I've been having. It has at least gone down to a soft 9 pain level. Whew! Much better the before. I wish I could get in my tub, and fill it up with hot water, and just sit in it. But I still can't get in and out of it. I know that would help me out tramendously. But thats ok for now, I'll just keep riding out these waves and curves that are being thrown at me. I have an appointment to see my sleep specialist tomorrow. I can't wait. I am still having problems with the amount of sleep I am getting. My bed is great. :o) It's just my body thats messing with me as usual. :o) Other then that, I don't have any plans for today again. I need this time to get plenty of rest to heal. I haven't heard from anyone except for my neighbor. She is so nice. :o) She really worries about me. :o) My best friend has come over a few times this week. She's at home trying to get her kids ready for school. I was taking a nap the last time she came over and she started doing things to help me in this room! :o) When I woke up, I couldn't believe it! :o) I really appreciated it. :o) I guess my friends realize how much I need help more then my own family does. But, oh well...their loss. Maybe they'll see some day whats in front of their faces. Maybe. God bless you all. :o)


seraphoflove9001 said... are so sweet Rhonda! You brought tears to my eyes. Good tears. :o) I know that Brandon is home now, and you have so much to do to get your kids ready for school. I don't miss those days at all. lol :o) I did really appreciate all that you've done for me. :o) You're the best! :o)

missboogerhead said...

Isn't it great to have a friend that understands!  I love my best friend.  She couldn't be better.  I am glad you have some people who understand your needs.  :-)
~Miss O