Monday, August 29, 2005

What another day!!!!!! :o) all I have to say about this whole weekend! :o) Yesterday was more surprises! I didn't have anything planned, just maybe rest. My duaghter's boyfriend came home with 3 beautiful tropical type plants for me! And my daughter and my grandson gave me a card and a bookmark and stickers! :o) I was so surprised! It made me cry! I gave them all hugs and kisses! :o) My husband gave me a card and surprised me with a bird bath, a garden game, and to sets of garden lights! Wow! What I did was I took the 3 new plants, and everything else and put them on my front porch! It looks so beautiful! Now I have a little garden to sit in while out side now! YAY! I haven't had that in years, and I so missed it! But they all put it together for me! :o) It's tranquility to me. :o) Now I'm going to start doing the same for the back deck as well. :o) My friend came over and gave me one of my favorite flowers, a daisey, (purple) and a beautiful card that she had hand made! Beautiful! I just can't believe, and will never forget this birthday! :o) Getting a card means a lot to mean! :o) I do have to admit though, this morning when my physical therapist came over, she had to wake me up!!! WOW! That was at 8:30! I really slept in! YAY! That was one of my birthday wishes! God does listen when you pray. Always remember that. :O) I've been blessed everyday. :o) Thank you everyone, and gentle hugs to you all!

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